Sunday 10 November 2013

The true facts

I was reading my morning twitter feed a few weeks ago and started to read the Caroline Hirons post on her blog named 'When to Cleanse'. I once again stumbled across this post again this morning and it got me thinking. Heres the article if you want to have a read:

Unfortunately, I found myself thinking that I fall into the category of people that don't take there makeup off until they go to bed, as I see it as my nightly routine before I go to bed to remove, cleanse, tone and pop my moisturiser on.
As she states in the post though, I get home by 5 o clock most days meaning that when I go to bed at approximately 11 o clock that's 6 extra hours of makeup on my skin. That means to me that its 6 hours more of giving your skin less time to breathe.
So I'm going to take upon this challenge as she says 'I promise you - if you aren't doing this already, you will see immediate results from this one simple change'.
I don't have the best skin, so I am going to put this to test over a months period starting tonight and see if it actually makes a difference to my skin. As soon as I get in I am going to do my usually routine of taking my makeup off with my bioderma, washing my face with my new clean & clear daily scrub and then smothering my la roche-posay effeclar duo on. If you read my earlier post you will know I am currently testing out this product after all the wonderous reviews that I read about it. Heres a link if you haven't read the previous post:;postID=6091504118777858545;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=10;src=postname

So I am challenging everyone to do this and see if it makes a difference to your skin!

Get experimenting!

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