Sunday 17 January 2016

Makeup Geek Cosmetics - Haul, Review & Swatches

(Bitten, Homecoming, Cosmopolitan) 

(Glamorous, Country Girl)

This haul has been a long time coming. I have been wanting to buy some makeup geek eyeshadows ever since they landed on BeautyBay, I am not kidding it took weeks off deliberation, and driving myself crazy to the point where I made myself just order everything in my basket to stop myself going insane. But, I can safely say that I am very happy with my purchases. I needed to purchase a Z palette (£8.99) as did not previously own one. This was a huge decision within itself as there are many different sizes of these. I decided to go with the small which can fit 9 eyeshadows in, as it would be convenient for traveling. But at this rate, I am going to need the biggest one! I decided to order 5 shades to try them out and see what I do and do not like from the range. The eyeshadows were just £4.95 each which is great value. The formula of the shades are exceptional for the price, they are super pigmented and feel very smooth and creamy when applied. They blend great, and a little definitely goes a long way!

Bitten - The colour which everyone told me to buy including Kathleen Lights (her video is fab for details on every shade!) I was a little optimistic to try this out as it is very different to my usual go to colours, but I really glad I picked it up. It looks lovely with MAC's Cranberry and also blended with Country Girl. This is the only matte shade which I picked up and I really like the

Homecoming - I can see this shade being one which I use on a daily basis as it it such an easy shade to wear. I think it is quite similar to MAC's Satin Taupe which is one my most used shades ever. Everyone recommended this to me, and I think it is a great shade to choose to be in a palette which you are just starting to create.

Cosmopolitan - The prettiest rose gold shimmer shade which I have ever seen. I have never come across a shade like this ever before, it is just so unique and gorgeous. On the lids it looks beautiful, as the golden, peachy tones really come through.

Glamorous - This can only be described as the perfect medium golden. It is great as an everyday shade as it stands out on its own, with its metallic shimmer throughout it. It contains orangery shades which makes it quite unique from any other shades in which I own.

Country Girl - This was last to be added to my basket. But I am so happy which I did it is a darken shimmer shade which contains brown tones but it contains deep red undertones which compliment each other beautifully.

Please let me know if there is any other essential shades which I need to add to my palette.


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