Sunday 3 January 2016

What I Picked Up in the Sales

So if you read am I mad for Boxing Day sale shop post you will know I am one of those people who gets up at 7.30 to get to the shops for when they open. Everyone has their own opinions, but it works well for me and my sister. This year everyone was queuing for Selfridges to get in before it opened and I wasn't about that, so I headed to Zara first. This was the best move I made all day. I picked up some great bargains, I was super happy with everything I bought. It was all great prices, I picked up two dresses, two tops, and a super soft tartan scarf for under £55 (everything's now sold out online!). I love Victoria's Secrets loungewear and it was all half price, however the queue to pay was horrendous it took at least half an hour, but there was no way I was leaving my tracksuit on the rails! We had to go back to the car for a pitch stop to drop off our huge bags, and go back for round 2. We went into Boots, and this was definitely an experience. I am totally for treating yourself and spending your money which you have been gifted. However, can someone please explain to me why one person needs 30 perfume sets to themselves. It bamboozles me totally, and i can not deal with people scrapping over perfume. At the end of the day it is only perfume. I had seen this amazing fluffy pink coat in M&S whilst shopping with my mum, and I totally loved it but it was a bit pricey at £85. My mum said she would buy it me as an extra present if it went into the sale, and because she's the best she treated it me as it had gone down to £55. It's so lovely, and come on in Britain you are never short of needing a new coat. With all of my other shopping now completed, I headed to the mothership - Lush. All the Christmas products were half price so I picked up a Butterbear (98p), Candy Mountain (£1.50), Shoot for the Stars £1.83) and Stardust (1.48). I think sometimes in Lush you can get totally carried away, but you have to sit back and think am I actually going to use the masses in which you feel the need to buy. In this moment I was pretty good with self restraint. If you still need to stock up in Lush I went into my local stores yesterday and there was still a lot left, so it might be worth you taking a trip to your nearest branch. By this time it was getting ridiculously busy, and my patience was wearing very thin. I have definitely spent far too much money, and my bank balance was looking tired.

All in all, I got lots of great things and I have not bought anything which I regret buying or bought impulsively!

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