Wednesday 23 December 2015

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

I have just woke up without a post for today and I've totally felt inspired to spread the Christmas cheer. Last night I watched Jaclyn Hill's video called Trying to Make a Change on why hate on social media has the end. I love Jaclyn, and as she states she's there to talk about beauty, and share her knowledge of makeup. I think she is absolutely beautiful and it is awful to see such a positive woman crying at the overwhelming hate which has been shared on her videos recently. She says how it has become so bad, she's just disabled comments. I would never dream of posting something which a mean intention on someone's blog post or video, as that's just not me. Also, I think a lot of people miss the point that these people have feelings and thoughts. The mean reason I would never do YouTube is due to the backlash, and I think this is a thought shared by many. I don't want this to be all doom and gloom, as today is Christmas Eve Eve, and I think it is about time that social media is a platform to share love and joy. You can not be a positive person all day everyday, but if your not feeling good, the answer isn't to make someone else feel bad. Jaclyn has dealt with many personal issues and has been having therapy. She has become to understand that the people who are being nasty and mean, is because they have some inner demons which they haven't dealt with. This is totally true, on social media it is ultimately down to jealously. Every one gets jealous, I wish my blog got more views, I wish that I was getting all 1sts in my uni results. At the end of the day, that's life and sometimes you do need to work on yourself.

I wanted to say that I have recently been really loving being in the blogging community, and I hope come 2016 I can make friends with some of you lovely people. Christmas for me is about spending precious time with family and friends, and life is definitely too short to be spreading hate, knowing that it will make someone feel sad about themselves. Today, if you are feeling crap or not in the Christmas spirit that's totally fine. I was feeling totally like that last week with a mountain of work in front of me. But I've learnt that you need to embrace the time that you have here and now. Spending time with your most loved at Christmas is the best thing ever, and it makes me all cosy and warm inside. I think a great thing to do is think about all the things in 2016 you want to achieve, which is a very scary and daunting thing to do. But it excites me, my life is going to be a big adventure, and that is scaring yet it is something which I have been wanting for so long. 

So I would just like to say that lets all spread the love and joy, and have a fab Christmas!! 


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