Friday 17 November 2017

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer & Blush

So I have wanted to try the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer for literally years. I have watched many American YouTubers rave and rant about what a bargain and also brilliant product this is. So when one of my lovely friends headed to America and sent me a text saying "do you want any makeup getting?" this was the very first thing which popped into my mind. She did such a fabulous job and managed to get a duo pack where you pretty much got the blush free too. I was so excited to pick this set up from her house, as it has literally been at the top of my wishlist for years.

I instantly started to put the bronzer to the test. First up a few things I am not the biggest fan of. The packaging is it very plasticy, and it comes with a little mirror and brush underneath which makes the whole entire product so much more bulky. It definitely does not have that luxury feel to it. Secondly, as soon as you open up the product it has a very overwhelming scent to it. It literally smells like coconut sun cream and it is very overpowering. It isn't the fact that you can just smell the scent if you put it near the nose, I can smell it even when it is a good few metres away.

Now on to the more positive aspects. I did not realise that this actually comes in two shades - light bronzer and bronzer; I got the shade light bronzer. I love the actual colour of the bronzer, and I realised that this is what the hype has always been about. It is a very light, natural bronzer which has less of those deep milk chocolate tones that bronzers often have. I apply this using my Real Techniques contour brush which works really well with this product. I have always previously struggled with getting the perfect contour, as I never want it to look too harsh or too dark. This shade has cooler tones which suits my skin tone really well. The texture of this is so much softer than any other bronzer which I have ever tried. It has an incredibly creamy and soft texture, which feels like a combination of both a powder and cream bronzer. I think this is where the "butter" aspect of the product comes into play. This has a slight sheen and pearlescent finish, which I really like. It is not a pure matte finish which can make me look a little flat, but on the other hand I do not like glittery bronzers. I want my contour and all over bronzer to add depth and dimension to my face. However, I have found that the hint of glow in this really helps to add all round radiance to my face.

The blush I have is in the shade Plum Rose which is a lovely medium dusty plum-pink shade. It also has the same scent and texture as the bronzer does. The blush contains some cooler plum tones which when mixed with the darker pinker tones creates a beautiful combination. It took me a few weeks after receiving this to start using it, as I just thought the shade was a no-go for me. This blush is definitely not like anything which I have ever owned, as I usually choose a shade which is brighter pink or peach.

The colour is long wearing which is what I always want from any makeup product. A negative to this is as it contains so many light undertones, I think this would struggle to have much impact on darker skin tones. However, I have seen on their website a few other shades within this range which contains darker tones. I found the finish to this is more matte than the bronzer and seems to have a less pearlescent finish to it. I like both matte and sheen finishes to blushes so it does not particularly bother me. Lastly, this also has the overpowering coconut suncream scent to it, which as times goes on and I have smelt both products numerous times whilst writing this post I have realised I pretty much despise the scent!

So what do I really think? I do like both of these products, and the butter texture is definitely something which is unique to the brand. This special buttery texture blends evenly into my skin, and I can see why it is its big selling point. I like how both of the products look on my skin, and their finishes. If I was to get the chance to try out more Physicians Formula products I definitely would as I have been happy with my first impressions.

Do you recommend any Physicians Formula products?


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