Friday 23 June 2017

LA Girl Foundation

I bought the LA Girl Pro coverage foundation a few months ago, and I have definitely put it through it paces. I have worn this during the day, at work for 13 hours, and on nights out.

Firstly, I really struggled even with the help from mr. google to find the right shade for my skin tone. I ended up choosing fair and it is definitely a shade or two too dark for my skin. There is definitely a lack of variety within their shade range, there is a total of 11. It is often the case that there is a lack of selection in the darker, deeper skin tones, whereas with this line their is only the shades fair and porcelain to represent the fairer and lighter colourings. There is no shades that cater to particular undertones which was frustrating as I have a pink undertone to my skin.

In terms of coverage this is a full coverage foundation, which I what I was wanting. It is hydrating, which is what I am always looking for as my skin is very dry. I do find that fluid foundations as a whole work better with drier skin. I have found that if you are not careful it can look a little cakey on your face, it definitely needs a really good blend into the skin. In terms of wear, this wears well for a good number of hours which I was happy about. I would compare this to MAC studio fix, but half the price.

This was my first introduction to LA Girl, and from what I have experienced I am impressed. For £11 it is a good value foundation which provides coverage and longevity. I am not sure if I would repurchase this, just as there are so many other great foundations available for me to try, and it takes a lot for me to repurchase a product. For example, Nars sheer glow is my holy grail because for me there is nothing better which I have tried which ticks all the boxes like this does. The foundation search continues..

Have you tried any products from LA Girl?

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