Friday 30 September 2016

Halloween Lush Haul

I took a little trip to the Lush store in Manchester and discovered that the Halloween collection has launched. I knew it was about to be released and I got very excited when I saw the collection staring at me. I have a lot of Lush bath products in a big bag waiting to be used as I have gone a little crazy in the past year. This means that I had to restrain myself and not buy the entire collection! The Christmas collection is due to launch soon so I thought I would just pick up my favourites from the Halloween collection so that I can have a variety of both.

First up, the Pumpkin is a beautifully spiced bath bomb which is what instantly drew me in. The vanilla and spicy cinnamon mixed together creates the perfect perfect pumpkin pie scent. To me pumpkins represent Halloween and I thought it was a great addition to the collection. I also picked up Monsters' Ball, which is one the cutest things that Lush has ever brought out. I instantly thought it was so fun and the scent also drew me in, it smells fresh and clean. This contains lime meaning it gives it a lovely all over citrus scent to the bath bomb. I cannot wait to try this out as I think all the colours mixed together are going to look beautiful. I did also smell the Autumn Leaf and Lord of Misrule, however I wasn't drawn in by their scents as I prefer something more fruity.

Did you pick anything up from the Halloween collection?

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