Sunday 3 July 2016

Recent Drugstore Buys

So I was recently going on a night out and I needed to picks some essentials. I adore and always get if I can the Fleur and Fabulous lashes. They look super natural but definitely add volume and length. I like that they are not too thick or dark and they are easy to apply. They are also just the right size for my eye which surprises me as I usually need to chop a little bit off. These are just as good as any MAC lash and such great value at £5.95. All the lashes in Fleur's range are really lovely and I recommend them if you are looking for a budget friendly pair. With some lashes you only get one use out of them, but with these as long as you peel them off carefully you can definitely get two uses. 

The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter has had huge hype surrounding it and whilst wandering the aisles of SuperDrug I decided to pick it up. At just £3 I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My first impression of this is that it is a pigmented product which does add shimmer and glow. However, it definitely  takes more than one application to achieve my desired glow. My glow expectation isn't actually a disco ball in case your wondering, I like a highlighter which makes me all glowy yet looks natural. I currently find applying it with my fingers works much better than with my brush. I would very much appreciate it if you have this highlighter to tell me how you find it works best on you. 

I don't own many products from Revlon, it is just not a brand which I naturally gravitate to. I knew I wanted to put something new to the test, and wanted to stay clear of the Collection concealer as I've tried that before. One thing I did discover on my search is that the drugstore really lacks in its range of concealer choices. If I was lucky a brand had one or two concealers available, some didn't even have any in their ranges. I had never realised the huge gap for them in the beauty market before, and the drugstore needs to massively up their game. I decided to settle on the Revlon Colourstay Concealer as I much prefer a liquid concealer over anything else as I find it much more easier to blend, and it feels much less cakey and thick on your skin. I got this in the shade Light and it is a pretty good match for my skin. I like the feel and consistency of this as it quite thin and light and allows easy and quick application. It does remind me of both the collection concealer and the Nars creamy concealer. It definitely isn't a high coverage, I would put it in the light-medium coverage category as it is buildable. If you don't have blemishes and just have light areas to cover I think this is a great concealer to pick up.  

Have you got any new drugstore recommendations?


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