Friday 30 October 2015

October Favourites

This has been the only month of the year so far, which I haven't thought has flown by. However, holy smokes November is just around the corner which means Christmas is well on its way.

Up first, the Hourglass Blush Palette I rediscovered this palette of dreams this month, and by golly am I glad that I did. This is not only so aesthetically appeasing - just look at the marble effect on those blushers. But most of all, the pigmentation is like nothing else which I own, these are way above anything from MAC. They glide on so easily, and the formula is so finely milled every aspect of the product is picked up and transferred on to my face. The palette contains three shades which are completely different which is what I totally love about this, as there is so much variation within the shades. Luminous Flush is the perfect everyday pink to add a glow to the cheeks. Incandescent Electra is the shade I have been using the most this month, it is a baby pink which adds the perfect amount of natural colour. Mood Exposure looks very scary in the pan, but in fact it is a great autumnal shade as it is slightly nude toned and looks gorgeous with a berry lip. Unfortunately this palette is no longer available but you can pick up the individual shades.

This month has been all about getting back into the routine of 6am starts which has not been easy. This means I don't want to have to shower in the morning, as an extra 10 minutes in bed will always win. Therefore, my trusty Batiste Dry Shampoo has been my best friend to help make my hair look a little more alive. It is super easy to use and I think it is the best one on the beauty market. With a few sprays my hair looks instantly refreshed and less greasy, and it just adds some overall life back into my hair.

MAC Brave is a satin finish which is lovely as it adds an overall polished finish to your lips. Its a dark pink with beige running through it, I always have this in the depths of my handbag as it is just so wearable. It is the perfect in between shade as it is not too light and not too dark, and honestly you can wear this shade with anything. It is hands down the most versatile lipstick which I own, and everyone should have it within their collection.

My mum bought me this Just Pink Reed Difusser  as a little extra for my birthday back in July. I brought it to my room away at uni, and it has taken a firm place on my side cabinet next to my television. I love how fragranced it really is, and the scent fulfills the room. The Just Pink scent is Next's best seller, and no wonder as the scent is floral and very fresh. This is such great value at just £8, compared with some other difussers which can be really expensive. I think this would make a perfect present for someone's birthday/ Christmas.

What have you been loving in October?

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