Wednesday 18 May 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks - Gemini and Doll Parts

(Top - Dolls Part, Bottom - Gemini)

I do not know where I have been for the last few months or even years, as I didn't know anything about Jeffree Star - who he was, or what he was all about. I saw some of my fave beauty bloggers tweeting all about him and his cosmetics line and I decided to do a little research. I first came across his YouTube channel, and was seriously expressed with his makeup skills as he is insanely good. I subscribed and became a little bit obsessed with watching lots of his videos. I then realised that he his a line of liquid lipsticks. If you know me I love liquid lipsticks, so I was instantly intrigued, after a little more research I realised that these have been really been in demand and read some incredible reviews. When something is really difficult to get hold off, it instantly becomes a mission of mine to get hold of it. I was super happy when I discovered that they sell his products on Cocktail Cosmetics which is a British website, which instantly makes me happy as I am done with paying custom charges from America.

Around this time he was about to release some new lipstick shades - Scorpio and Gemini. Scorpio is a lilac purple shade which is stunning, but a little too out there and definitely not an everyday shade for me. Gemini on the other hand was definitely more of a me shade, it is a nude shade but has a hint of burnt orange which makes it different to anything within my collection which is differently how I justified this purchase. I also set my sights on the shade Dolls Part which is differently a Lucy shade. It is a cool toned pink shade, I definitely have lipsticks which are similar to this shade but I don't have any liquid lipsticks in any similar shade, another justification! I missed the first restock of Gemini which I was pretty devastated about, so when they announced they had some extra stock left I was my missions to get my hands on them. I was on placement that day which was so typical, but it just so happens that the trusty JasmineTalksBeauty was on hand to give me the heads up and I literally went on my break and saw her notifications so jumped online to get them for myself. Talk about perfect timing.

They arrived the day after which was super great service, and I could not wait to try them out. I quickly swatched them, and was instantly filled with happiness. They are smooth to apply, the wand is slightly arched making it easier to define the outer edges of your lips. The formula is slightly wet when first applied, but very pigmented  and on the same level as the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. Once dried they are matte, but are comfortable on the lips and remain comfortable which is what you want in a matte formula. Last Saturday I wore Dolls Parts and it actually sets a little darker than when first applied. I spontaneously decided to add a little Gemini into the mix on the centre of my lips and the results were epic. I love experimenting and this was something which worked really well. The most impressive part was they literally did not budge at all, unlike the ColourPop ones which do transfer. I had multiple cocktails, and when I went to look in my mirror my lipstick was still perfectly in place. I was seriously sold, and it definitely passed the longevity test. These are £14 which I think is a mid range to high end price and you definitely get your money's worth. Unfortunately they are sold out on Cocktail Cosmetics but they do seem to restock whenever Jeffree restocks his own stock. I know that quite a few bloggers have ordered from his website and they cost $18 so it works out slightly cheaper at about £12.50, but then the shipping is a little bit more and like I said before Royal Mail is being very thorough with their custom charges at the moment. His website does however have Doll Parts currently in stock so if need it then you can grab it there.

Are you on board with the Jeffree Star hype?

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