Sunday 16 February 2014

Lipstick Storage

I was having a big problem trying to fit all of my lipsticks into a drawer in my makeup storage. I had seen quite a few people buying these clever little stands and thought I would check them out. I did a quick search on Ebay and the cheapest one available which fitted 24 lipsticks was this one which was £1.85 and 0.98p postage which I thought was not bad value at all.

It came from Hong Kong so it did take about two weeks to arrive but I was very happy with the service from the company, and the product was exactly as I expected. As you can see it is in tiers, each tier contains 6 spaces. I have tried to organise them in to brands just to make it easier and I think it looks very pretty sat on top of my current storage. This is all of my lipsticks which I currently own and the fixture is full, meaning that when I buy any new lipsticks they will sadly not have a home. When I have collated a few new ones, I am going to purchase another one and place it next to this current stand. It is just so much more convenient than trying to root through them all on a daily basis. I am planning on turning all my MAC lipsticks over so I can see the names of the colours easily, that is the one thing about the MAC packaging which is a pain as you can not store them in any easy way upwards without knowing the colours.

I would recommend this stand to anyone who is struggling for a way to display their lipstick collection, I actually did not know how many lipsticks I owned until I did this revamp of my collection. I have to say I have been using much more variety of my colours instead of just sticking to my usual favourites which I used to just grab for as they were just at the top of my pile.

Round Up: Tanya Burr/Emma Hardie/Sick Day/Chelsea Boots/Quinoderm


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