Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Monthly Roundup for September

September has followed on as being a pretty amazing month after how great August was. After I got back off my holiday I had so much admin to sort out for my new job, I spent my life filling out form after form. The second weekend of September turned out to be one of the best weekends for a long time. Writing about it now is putting a huge smile on my face reminiscing all about it. It started off with a trip to uni back in Carlisle on the Thursday which was lovely to see all of my child nursing friends again. We had paid to stay in a hotel that night which seemed like a little adventure, we went for a lovely meal at Pizza Express and had some cocktails. On the Friday night we had our graduation ball which was amazing. The service and food at the venue wasn't the greatest, but the company, music and photo booth definitely made up for it. It was so lovely to dress up and celebrate our three years at uni and the fact we had all made it to the end. I didn't go too overboard that night as on the Saturday it was one of my closest friends at uni's wedding. I haven't been to a wedding in years and I totally forgot what a beautiful occasion they are. I was filled with such overwhelming emotion when she walked down the aisle as I have honestly never seen someone look  as amazing as she did. The service, meal, speeches and night do were all spectacular and it ended the entire weekend on such a high. When I came home I felt so sad as I had been looking forward to the weekend for so long and now it was just over in a flash.

I then had another week off but I started my new job. In nursing you have to do a lot of inductions and trainings before starting. Different trusts have different policies and we need to ensure we know the essentials before we start on the wards. If you didn't know my new job is in Children's A&E in my local hospital and I am very excited to start. As you read this I started my job full time in the unit on Monday and I am hopefully finding my feet and enjoying it. It is a massively scary prospect for me to be out there as a newly qualified nurse and all the responsibility to finally be placed on me. I am very excited and just want to put everything I have learnt into practice. I will definitely be reporting back on how I am getting on in next months roundup.

How was your September?

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