Wednesday 12 October 2016

Autumn Colourpop Haul

(L-R: Baracuda, Calypso, Muse)

So a few weeks ago Colourpop were offering discounted delivery to Britain and many beauty bloggers threw themselves into a frenzy. I have made two previous orders, one a big order of a variety of products which you can read here, and the second was a lipstick haul which you can also read here

They have just launched their new autumn collection and there was a few stand out pieces which I wanted to get my hands on. Now I have ordered quite a few times from the USA this year and I have got to know the way that customs works pretty well. If you order anything over the equivalent of £15 you will be hit with a £12 custom charge at the minimum. Therefore, I bought just three new items totalling $17 meaning I missed the charge. Now I either do a big order where the customs charge is worthwhile, or a small order like this one so I miss the charge as it kind of takes away the 'affordable' makeup aspect of the brand. 

If you have read my previous posts you will know I am a huge fan of their Ultra Satin line which is their classic liquid lipstick but with a more softer and comfortable finish with slight shine compared to their matte finish. For the price of just $6 they are great. They have amazing pigmentation, I literally apply one layer and you are ready to go. It dries to a comfortable finish which doesn't feel heavy or exceptionally drying on my lips, which I have found with some other liquid lipsticks. I put Calypso to the test at the weekend and I was instantly impressed by the colour and I could not stop looking at it. I will always ask my mum her opinion she said "a little dark, but it looks nice on you". Calypso is a beautiful mid toned pinky nude and suits my skintone really well. I wanted to make this order to add some darker toned berry colours into my lipstick collection as I didn't previously own any. This wore really well until the afternoon when I had my dinner and I would say 40% of the colour had come off after finishing eating and drinking. It didn't look patchy it was still evenly applied, the colour just wasn't as deep on the lips. The picture which is featured is me wearing Calypso, and I think it suits me and I will definitely be wearing it again soon. The picture has been taken in natural light and is unfiltered so that you can see the exact colour on me.

 I tried Baracuda on a day when I was in the house catching up on everything blog related. I had no other makeup on, but wanted to put it to the test. This is a deepened rose, but is definitely a dark berry and I see some purple and brown tones in this. As always it went on evenly and with just one application. At first when I applied it I was surprised at just how dark it was and I instantly wanted to take it off. I was just overwhelmed by the colour as I have never worn anything this dark. After a few hours I kept looking in the mirror as I was intrigued at how it looked on me. In the end I actually really loved how this looked on my lips and I can't wait for an occasion to wear this, as for me it is not an everyday shade. I did the transfer test twice whilst drinking some juice and I was surprised that it transferred barely anything across on to the cup. I have previously found with some of my other Colourpop liquid lipsticks that they have transferred massively and I was impressed with how this shade performed.

This is the stand out in my order I wore it on Sunday and I was massively impressed. I am talking about Muse which is the cream eyeshadow which I picked up. It is a vibrant coppery rose with a pearlised finish, when I saw it on the website it instantly stood out to me. I have had some of these before which you can see in my first haul post, and I did like them but I found the more subtle shades did not stay on my lids throughout the day. I applied this using my finger as I find it easier to blend them that way. I have tried many cream eyeshadows over the years, everyone loved the Maybelline tattoo cream shadows, and they looked horrendous on me as they creased and showed up every line which exists on my eyelid. Whereas I was surprised with this, it has great pigmentation and swatches exactly how it looks in the pan. I think red toned shades you sometimes have to be careful with as it can make your eyes look a little swollen, but as this has copper tones in it on me I think it looks beautiful. I was most impressed with how it wore throughout the day. I applied a thin line of eyeliner and a few layers of mascara and the whole look was still looking fresh when I got home that evening. I will say there was a little bit of wear, but I have never bought an eyeshadow which has not faded at all throughout the day. The even application was still the same, the colour was not quite as rich and vibrant, but on the whole I was very pleased. I didn't apply an eye primer either as I need to pick up a new one, I just sprayed my entire face with Urban Decay's setting spray.  I am definitely going to pick up some more of the darker shades from their cream eyeshadow line as I have been seriously impressed with this one.

Have you got any Colourpop recommendations for my next order?


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