Sunday 11 June 2017

Losing love for blogging

I have never before felt so demotivated to blog in my life ever. I started my blog well over three and a half years ago, as I was intrigued into what the blogging world had to offer. I was so excited and I remember doing my first blog post confused as to what I had just done, but then at the same time I was bursting with excitement. I thought you had to blog everyday, I thought that was how it worked! I quickly got myself into a schedule and have pretty much stuck with it ever since.

In 2017, I have definitely got into writing more and more lifestyle posts which I have really been loving. However, I feel like most of them have been regarding the blogging community. Just recently I wrote a post called called is blogging dead?. This was sparked by that cosmo interview which questions the reliability and over saturation of what the blogging community now is. I feel like there has been a lot of negativity recently, and I'm really not enjoying it. I love how passionate people feel about blogging, and discussions about other relevant topics. However, sometimes I log on and see some comments and discussions and I often think do I really want to still be a part of this. I feel like I have been getting these vibes for a while off a few of my fave bloggers who are feeling similar. I've seen a few saying they are slowing down with Instagram due to a lack of engagement. I have never done well in Instagram and one of my 2017 goals was to try harder with it and I have done and have seen a very slight increase in followers. It isn't all about followers for me, it really isn't. But, it can be disheartening and you can find yourself loosing the enthusiasm you once had, when you hard work is not slightly paying off.

I started my blog in my first year of uni and in my last year when I seriously struggling to juggle everything I felt like packing it in for good. I was so gutted and felt incredibly disappointed in myself at missing posts. I was putting out content because I felt I had to, rather than because I wanted to. I was determined not go off my schedule. I have been working full time now for 9 months and I thought with my shifts I would have so much more time to blog. That simply hasn't been the case. I am really struggling to motivate myself. I have done posts previously on how to get back on your game when your struggling, but this time I'm not sure whether I am done for good. I hate to write that but I am just not feeling it at the moment. I think instead of having such a structured schedule, going forward for the moment I am going to just blog as and when I want and see how I go. I don't want to force myself to have to pump out content. I have found myself waking up thinking yes I'll blog today and on these days (which have been few and far between), I have reignited my love for blogging. But these days haven't been happening very much. I had a good old think as to why I was feeling like this but I just can't pin point the problem. Maybe it's negativity online, maybe it's the lack of engagement, maybe my love for blogging has simply gone. Who knows? But that's for me to find out.

I am really hoping I find the spark within me again which has written over 480 posts over the years.. I don't want to just pack it in and not give myself the chance. I know I have to give it a few months and then decide whether I will continue to blog or pack it in for good. If anyone has been feeling like this themselves please let me know. I think I am going to try and find a new style to my posts and pictures and I think maybe branching out from beauty a little more may help. I am going to be easy going with it and see if this is what I am needed.

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