Wednesday 16 March 2016

Night Time Skincare Routine

I have mentioned this many, many times before, the Garnier Micellar Water is brilliant at drawing out impurities from the skin, it is soft and soothing and so easy to use. I use this on a large cotton pad to take off both my eye makeup and then as a first cleanser on my skin.

This Clinique Take the Day Off Cleanser featured in my recent Skincare Rediscoveries post last week. I bought this a while ago and never regularly reached for it. The cleanser is a balm consistency with a soft and really smooth when applied to the skin it turns into a milky like oil. I find this gets in the nitty gritty parts of my skin where my first skin might of missed or not deeply cleansed. After this stage I am always assured that my makeup has been completely removed from my skin.

This is the only product which I currently use morning and night. It is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner Lotion, as mentioned previously I really like this as it a thermal spa water which is non drying and contains ingredients to target blemishes which is exactly what I need. A total winner and such great value for money.

I am so glad I picked these up in the January sales when Superdrug was selling off their gift sets. These Nip + Fab Exfoliating Pads contain some seriously great blemish targeting ingredients - glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and witch hazel, which is great considering the price tag. They also contain blue daisy which I have never heard of previously but this is supposed to be great for soothing and calming the skin. I find these are quite intense so I use this 3-4 times a week (usually when I remember!), but I do find them a little drying, but my skin always feels refreshed and brightened after using them.

I have been on a very rocky road with my acne, it is no secret. I have tried every prescription cream and tablet which is available from the GP. I have tried Epiduo previously and it did not seem to make much difference if any to my skin. I first tried it about 2 years ago, but I didn't use it for very long as I didn't think it was working. My GP convinced me to get it another shot, and to use for 3 months before throwing it to one side. It contains 0.1% adapalene and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which are both targeted blemish ingredients. You use a thin layer of this to the affected area in the evening. I will post back if this is a success as I have only had it for a week. I would love it if anyone would be able to share any creams which they felt have helped with their acne. I am seeing my dermatologist in June so I am hoping she will possibly put me on Roaccutane.

I have to mention using the Soap & Glory The Ultimelt as this is my go-to deep facial cleanser. I find that it does an excellent job, as really digging deep and clearing the skin. I love the formula as it is a soft like balm which melts really easily and lightly into the skin without needing much force. I massage these more stubborning really well into my chin where I get my most blemishes to make sure that the impurities have been drawn off. After 2 minutes you rinse this off and your skin is so soft and revived.


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