Sunday 29 March 2015

Current Everyday Makeup Staples

I thought I would do an updated makeup staples featuring everything in the top drawer of my new Muji drawers. These are products which I have been grabbing for on a daily basis and I would recommend to all, many of these have featured in many of my posts mostly within favourites posts over the past few months.

First up, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Blusher in Stereo Rose, this unfortunately was a special edition in one of MAC's many collections. I featured it as it does pop up every now and again in new collections and it is always a best seller, they should really just include it in their regular line. Many bloggers have compared this to Nars' bestseller blush in Orgasm, and my sister actually owns it herself and I can safely say they are practically the same. It's a great pinky toned blush with some glitter running through the pigments, it is great to wear any day of the week and for any occasion.

Next up, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette, since this landed in my possession last November after my sister picked it up in NYC for me I have been in love. I always take this with me whenever I am travelling because it contains three beautiful shades, if you want the full low down then there is a post fully dedicated to this beautiful palette here. The good news is SpaceNK now stock Hourglass yeh! but they do not stock this palette as it was bought from Sephora. The good news it you can buy the blushes individually if there is one particularly that you have your eye on.

A bold statement but it has to be made, my favourite ever mascara is the Maxfactor False Lash Effect. I think this must be at least my tenth one of these no joke, I have been wearing it since high school so at least five years if not longer. It is probably my most staple item that I own, due to how reliable it is. I think that I have quite short, stubby lashes but with this they look so much longer. It is an all round mascara and also adds volume which is exactly what I want. Every time I see a new mascara advertised I always want to try them, however they just seem to be as good as this one. Whilst writing this post I have just realised I have never done an individual post on this mascara, and just do not why so expect that to be coming your way very soon!

Lastly, is my MAC palette which I put together myself and I just could not be happier with it. You will be able to see that the eyeshadows are running very low. I am seriously considering venturing into a 12 pan palette as I always see so many shadows that I want, but I always convince myself not to go for it when it comes to making a purchase. I use thispalette on a daily basis and I am in a routine of how I apply them. Firstly I take Naked Lunch which is a beautiful highly pigmented pink which I use all over the lid to brighten everything up. Next I take Woodwinked which I think may be my favourite eyeshadow to have ever been created. It is just a great warm gold with shimmery tones running through it which adds an extra dimension to the overall look. Finally I take Satin Taupe and apply this through the crease and to the outer section of my eyelid to add a little smokiness. It is a dark grey rather than black which is what I like the most about this shade as I am pale skinned it adds just the right amount of darkness. They all blend super easy which is just what you want when you are in a rush which is almost everyday for me!

Is there anything you think I should add to my everyday staples?

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