Wednesday 16 August 2017

How I plan my travel posts

This year I have really loved writing travel posts, it has sparked a new found passion. When visiting a new place I have really got into reading other bloggers travel guides and posts as they can provide really insightful information. I have made a note of all of the important parts of a travel post which I always take into consideration.

I always start off by discussing the booking process. I think explaining exactly how I booked, whether that be in store / online it is important for people to know. I usually book online and I always include the exact website which I have used. Next up, I like to mention the flights and airlines which I used for my holiday. People can be unsure as to what to expect, may have not traveled far or not frequently, meaning they may need some helpful prompts.

I think always like to start off talking about the actual hotel which I stayed in. I discuss every detail down to location, style, space and then roundup essentially whether it was good or bad. I like to also do a simple overview of the city, and first impressions. You know when you arrive on holiday and you can instantly feel like your going to have a fabulous time, I think this is essential to include.

People are massively interested in the best places to eat, I know I am. One of my friends said that she always uses Trip Advisor to help plan and find the best eateries, and this is a fab tip. Whilst in Barcelona I used it on more than one occasion to find some amazing restaurants and bars. When writing a review I always like to include the name of the restaurant, an approximate location (if you can) and a review of how the food was. If I thought there was a stand out meal or drink on the menu, I always ensure I include it. People like recommendations of food and drink. I also think including a price range can be important, as everyone has different budgets.

If you are writing a travel post about a city break, I think it super important to write all about what you actually got up to. I write all the places I visited, whether they were worth visiting, prices and their best features. I then make sure to add in a must see places section, things which I think you can not miss visiting. It can very overwhelming choosing what to do when you only have a matter of days to do everything which you want to. Having someone say this is a must see activity/visit whilst you are there, with an explanation why can help you whittle down and help you to utilise your time more wisely.

This is the exact notes which I wrote in Barcelona and I thought it was important to include so can see how very simple notes can help you remember to include all of the details. I had a notes page dedicated to places I ate. When I came to write the Barcelona food recommendations post it was a massive help, as it was a quick reference to eat place I ate as there is no way I would of remembered the name and details of each individual place each day.

I also wrote a post on how to plan travel posts as a newbie back in April which has lots of hints and tips as to the layout of posts. This was just a quick post as to the simple process as to how I plan my posts whilst travelling quickly and easily. I also keep a note on my phone that simply says:

-Transfer from airport
-Where to eat / names of eateries
-Places to visit
-Must see places

It is a basic summary of everything which I have mentioned in this post with simple headings. Having it saved in my notes is a massive help, and I highly recommend it as I promise when you get home you will thank me that all your information is there in its basic form, and all you now need to do is expand in detail.


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