Sunday 28 January 2018

Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray

I got this Gerard Cosmetics peach setting spray in the black friday sale from Beauty bay. It was a one day offer for half price, and I paid £8.25. I had heard many of my favourite beauty bloggers raving about this, so I thought it was the perfect time to pick it up. I have always thought that setting sprays is one of those gimmicky products that probably don't really do much, and the beauty companies are just making millions of pounds on glorified water. However, some people swear by setting sprays so I was willing to give this a good try. I am happy to say this has been put through the tests and I have used at least a quarter of this bottle. I have used this pretty much every day which I have worn makeup since buying it.

I have recently created a new base coverage routine which includes lots of 'setting' products, which I will be bringing you in a post very soon. This spray is included in two of the steps. I use this after applying my foundation and concealer; I use 3-4 sprays on setting and locking it into place. I do feel as though it does set it in place and stops it from sliding around my face. I then use about 6 sprays after I have finished my entire makeup to set my entire makeup into place. I am very oily across my t-zone and over my chin area where my acne mostly is and these are the areas where I want my makeup to stay locked it. However, I always find these are the areas where my makeup sinks in the fastest, due to the oils absorbing the makeup quicker. I have found that since using this spray my makeup is staying put longer than usual which I have been super have surprised at, but I have also been very happy about.

I find the peach scent is nice as I really like fruity scents anyway. I don't find this that this is too strong or overwhelming. I can only smell it when it is being sprayed, and not directly on my face. I was also initially a little concerned about the bright orange colour, but it seems to come out pretty clear and I have never noticed an orange glow to my face!

Overall, I like this spray. I have previously used the Urban Decay setting spray and I liked it, but due to the price I didn't repurchase it. This is formulated to control the amount of oil in the skin. I find it does add a slight mattifying hue to my skin, but it does not set my makeup to look too matte as I am very much into a glowy and brightening finish to my skin. I am going to continue using this as I do think it adds some benefits in the setting and locking aspect to my makeup. Although, I do not think it is an essential to anyone's makeup routine. I would say if you have oily skin or blemishes then it is worth the money in trying this out to see if it helps with the longevity of your makeup over a day.

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