Friday 25 April 2014

Fashion Friday's: The Zara Mini City Bag

Buying my first Zara has been at the very top of my wish list for a long, long time. I have massively got into Zara in 2014, and it is fast becoming my must have shopping venue. I just love how simple and classic their clothing is, and it always look such good quality and you can easily create effortless outfits. I can guarantee I will go in and see so many items that I want, but I do sometimes find some of their pieces rather pricey. Although, you can find those little gems with a rather decent price tag attached to them.

Zara handbags are known for being simple but an essential to every women's handbag collection. The full size City Bag was what originally caught my eye but at £59.99, it was over my budget and seemed a little large for the summer bag I was wanting. This has been a must have accessory across the fashion industry featuring in many magazines and fashion blogs. I was casually browsing over the Zara website late one night when I set my eyes on the 'mini' version of the must have bag, the Mini City which has a slightly budget friendly price of £39.99. I loved this pale pink colour which I think is perfect for taking us into these summer seasons. On the day my shopping ban was over, I headed to Zara bright and early to pick this up. I could not see it out on display, although I do find it hard to shop for accessories in Zara as they match them up in trends so you have to look on every display on all the floors. In the end, I asked a sales assistant who said it was not on the shop floor but she think it had arrived in that day's delivery. When she came out with it it was meant to be, fresh out of the packaging and on to my card it went. I have used this bag everyday since, and I love it. I like that there is two big sections with zips at the front and back of the bag where I keep my valuables. Then the entire middle section is for all of the necessary bits and bobs and it has a press stud to keep it safe. I love the long strap on the bag which you can throw over your body or wear it across your body. The handles are sturdy and can clip together with a little clip, the only downfall of this bag is that you can not fit it on your shoulders as the handles are just that little bit too small. But it fits nicely on your arm as a bit of arm candy and it is not a particularly heavy bag. The material of the bag is faux leather which is dyed into the colours which are the pink, blue, white and red. I like the array of colours which it comes in and I think this is my most recommend item to have featured on my blog to date, as I honestly do not think anyone would be disappointed having this in their possessions.

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