Friday 4 December 2015

November Favourites

Once again, I do not feel like November has particularly flown by, but I have had a really great month where lots of nice things have happened. Call me Scrooge, but for me and my family, you can only start getting into the festive spirit once December 1st arrives. So as we are now a few days into December, and I have dug into my advent calendar, and bought some tinsel, I am finally getting into the spirit.

Within November I have had lots of beauty and skincare favourites which I have been very excited about, as that doesn't happen that often. The Tanya Burr Candy Glam Palette has been my go to since I bought it right at the start of the month. I was that impressed I wrote a dedicated post to it, which you can read here. This has been sold out so much throughout the month, as for £10 it has been such an in demand product. I really love the eyeshadows as they have great pigmentation, and there is a wide variety of colours in the palette. Unfortunately, this has been taken off the website as it is now sold out, but if you are quick you will be able to get it in a Superdrug store.

The Essie Nail Polish in Chubby Cheeks, has been constantly on my nails this month. It is the perfect in between orange and red shade, and it was beginning to get me in the mood for Christmas. I love the formula of Essie polishes, and I definitely need to purchase some more. If you have any must haves please let me know!

The Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream featured in my recent skincare update post. The hydrating cream, does exactly what is it intended to. The texture is quite thick, and adds moisture into your skin, I use this every morning. I have continued to use this moisturiser every morning, and it is still doing the job perfectly. It sinks into the skin lovely, and does add a good dose of rehydration into the skin.

Finally, Lush bath products in general have been a big part of my relaxation time during November. I have had an extremely busy month, and I have really enjoyed having a relaxing bath, with a bath bomb and catching up on missed TV and YouTube videos. I have bought the bubble bar Candy Mountain previously and loved it, so I was excited to see it back in their Christmas range this year. It has a lovely, relaxing scent of vanilla and I love how it turns your bath into a baby pink extravaganza.

What have you been enjoying in November?


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