Wednesday 22 February 2017

Room refurb

I have been wanting to get my act together for ages, but my god I have no motivation. In day to day life I would say that I quite a motivated person. If I plan to do something in a day I write a little list and I want to get it done. For instance, with this blog I plan my time, photos, schedules well so that I don't feel too overwhelmed and that I organise my time well and effectively. However, I just cannot no matter how much I try to get myself to sort my god dam bedroom. I have been whittling on to everyone about my grand makeover and I can invisage it so well in my mind exactly how I want it down to all the decor even the smallest thing like photoframe positions. It is such a big task though and I am a messy, untidy person when it comes to my own room. When I moved back from uni I had managed to collate so much new stuff that in my own bedroom it has no home. I have picked out my new Ikea new dresser and Alex drawers for makeup storage. I just need to get rid of everything before I can buy them.

I have been reading the life changing magic of tidying and when I got to the clothes section, I woke up one morning and went in for the kill. I threw tonnes out and I am also selling lots of clothes and makeup in a blog sale which you can check out here. I have to say it felt fabulous, and if you have read the book I did totally get on board with the 'does this spark joy?' policy which is in place. Like always though I did not quite finished the job and now I just find myself staring at the pile which I still have left to sort. 

I want my room to be a place which I can go in, have space to move and it be a place which I enjoy to be as downtime. But right now I am constantly fighting the mess. The problem is simply I have far too much stuff to fit in one space. I am not planning on moving out right now and when I do move out I do not want all this crap following me. I just cannot bring myself to do this. As the book says you need to do each area as a big thorough sort so you don't have to do it again within the next year at least, and when you do do it is more of a minor sort as you have tackled it so well the first time there is no need for these huge clear outs. This is exactly what I need, to not have to dedicate all this time to throwing out, and being clutter free so I can keep on top of it. As you can probably tell I have it all planned, I know what I need to do by I just cannot bring myself to do it.. I thought that my end goal and planning how I want to it to every detail would be the boost which I needed, but it is yet to happen. 

I do think it is in some people's nature to be messy and untidy, I am not dirty I don't leave dirty plates and clothes everywhere as I think that is gross. I just own clutter and way too much of it. I have named this room refurb The Big Cleanse. I know I don't want to tackle it all it once, I need to do it when I have the time so I do it thoroughly as like I say I want to do this only once. I am a hoarder and there is no denying this, and I don't think people understand how hard some people struggle to be tidy. It is like a lot of things in life, you things your great at and some things you have to work at. However, I know you are able to change and work on those annoying habits which we have. Whilst attending uni, I have become massively more organised in my day to day life, having to organise my time effectively and also this has happened me in my job as I have to be on the ball and know what all of my patients need and at what time.

So here I am with everything in place all the plans, and I think I might just have motivated myself to go and tackle just one space in my room. I need to do it in categories e.g. the rest of the clothes. books, and then the top of the drawers, the boxes, cds, dvds and the floor. 

I am so determined to do this. I want to actually prove to my family that I can do this and I want to be invite my friends around and them to be like wow your room looks lovely, as now I would never ever bring my friends into my room at the moment as it's too embarrassing and I have to always laugh it off and warn them of the overwhelming size of mess. I feel like this is kinda taking over my life, as I think about it at least 3 times a day. I constantly think about how I want my room to look, I spend hours looking for decor as it is actually something which I really enjoy doing. I stare at people's instagrams and blog photos and think how good they look just by what they have in their home. I actually think it will be good for my mind to live a clutter free space which allows me to relax and unwind. 

I have decided I am going to allocate a day to an allocated space. If I say all day on Tuesday - I know it won't happen as I get bored after 2 hours and just end up keeping things I don't need and throwing those few things which I actually do need. I need to just tell myself right you can take 2 hours today to do those books, nothing to big or overwhelming or that I will dread. The book says you can allocate yourself six months if you feel necessary. For me this is a bit too much time, I think a month or two maximum. I know myself too well that a six months will turn into a year! 

I was thinking I might do a few updates here and there on my blog, to update you but also to give me a boost when I have done well and I am happy with the progress. Please leave any kind of tips and advice as to how you keep on top of your mess and if any of you have done a huge tidy. Here's to the big cleanse!!!

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