Sunday 5 March 2017

Tony Moly Face Masks

I recently picked up some Tony Moly face masks in TK Maxx and I was so happy as they were only £2.99! I first picked one of these up last year in Sephora as I had heard a few bloggers who had been to the USA who had tried them and thought they were amazing. At the time I did not quite understand the hype, I originally only picked up the skin purifying seaweed mask and I was surprised at just how much I loved it. It added so much hydration and glow to my face, and I regretted not buying more. I bought it in the Sephora in Palma, Majorca and it was only 1.50, I could not quite believe it when I looked on Cult Beauty and they are £6 over here.

That is why when I walked into TK Maxx and saw them and there were £2.99 I did a little happy dance. It is far from the 1.50 I paid in Sephora but it is much better than the £6 on Cult Beauty. Unfortunately, they did not have the seaweed mask which I had previously tried. They did however, have a wide array of other masks available. I picked up a variety of different masks to try out, I am not going to lie I definitely got carried away. The masks as stated all have different purposes such as brightening, purifying, and clearing skin. I have not yet tested them all out as I like to save them for when I feel my skin is really in need of some TLC.

I am happy to report that I have used the pore care red wine mask as my acne has been really inflamed recently and I thought this was the perfect mask to choose. It aims to tighten uneven skin texture with enlarged pores. Both of the masks which I have tried have been full of moisture and do feel wet when I pulled it out of the packet, which I think to some people can seem worrying. Do not fear, as this is what is going to work its wonders on your skin. One feature which I particularly love about these masks is how well they fit my face, how many face masks have we all tried where they are hanging off your face as they are too big and your nose ends up in the mouth slot! Well what I love about these masks is that there are flaps around the edging of the masks so you can pull it to fit over your face perfectly and smooth out the edges. One thing I did note was that over my nose I had to really move the edging to get it exactly right as at first it was not around the creases of my nose which is exactly where I wanted this mask to target. The instructions tell you to leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then to remove, you will note that it leaves a residue on your skin but I find it really refreshing and I just massage it into my skin for an added extra boost. Once the extra residue had dried into my skin I did notice that my face did feel slightly sticky, but my skin did feel firmer and tighter. I love it when a product leaves your skin feeling fresh and that is exactly how it felt all day after using this mask.

I think that these are such great value for money and if you can find them in your local TK Maxx then you will have got yourself a bargain. I know that when I am heading abroad this summer I am definitely going to stocking up in Sephora.

Have you ever tried any Tony Moly skincare?

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