Wednesday 20 September 2017

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Smashbox is a brand which I have not tried many products from, but their primers has always been a huge seller for them. Primers is part of my collection which is a on a one in one out policy, I only buy a new one when my previous one is pretty much empty. On my way back from Italy, Jet2 was having a big end of season beauty sale on their flights. This was around £14 which I have since found out was a bargain as it is sold in beauty stores for £26.

They only had one type of Smashbox primer available on the flight which was their photo finish foundation primer, and I think this is the original one which took the beauty market by storm when it was first released. The texture of the primer is very soft silicon, which blends into the skin beautifully. It feels silky smooth when I apply this with my fingers, which I really like. I use 2 pea size blobs on to my fingers for each application and this covers my entire face. I think maybe because it is a bit thicker than other primers, it does not go quite as far. It does have a slightly greasy/ tacky feel which I do think is a negative to this product as once applied, I want to wipe my fingers clean instantly. However, I can forgive the tackiness a little bit as it does helps to create a great base for my foundation. I am happy to say that this primer definitely does help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, which is great as a lot of primers claim this but I never really notice it.

Due to the primers soft texture and its blend ability into the skin, it does create a really beautiful, blurred out base. This is great as I usually wear high coverage foundations which are quite thick, but when I blend it into my skin it meshes with the primer and it does help my foundation from sinking into the skin. This primer is also great at assisting with my foundations longevity, as it now takes that little bit more time to seep into the skin and start creasing. Overall, I do like this Smashbox primer a lot; I would give it a 7/10. I like the feel on the skin once the primer is blended, it does its job at priming the skin beautifully and creating the flawless base we all desire, and it also most importantly helps to keep my foundation in place.

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