Wednesday 24 January 2018

Wonder'fully Real Mascara

 So when I went into Boots recently they had an amazing offer on. It was 3 for 2 on all items, and then when you spent £8 you got their new wonder'fully real mascara free. I had tried many Rimmel mascaras over time and I have had some great ones, but some also not so great ones. I was excited at what this mascara was promising me - both length and volume.

The length of the wand is longer than most, which to me initially sparked thought that this would mean that it would capture all of my lashes at once. It does do this and it manages to reach every lash which is a definite bonus. I feel as though it does coat my lashes well, it does not smudge, or flake and it is definitely a clump free formula. It also feels comfortable on the lashes and the application process is smooth.

However, if I am being truly honest this isn't the greatest mascara I have ever tried. I have to say it does add some length, but for me it doesn't add much volume. When I first tried this mascara I found that it coats my lashes but did not add any definition. I am not sure if this is down to their not being a 'curling' aspect to the wand. It does not claim to have this, but I think it is an essential to any mascara. I think the curl and the volume go hand in hand when it comes to what a consumer wants from a mascara. This is all down to the actual brush wand; I feel as though the bristles are short, thin and spread out. I then started to use my eyelash curlers to add the curl which the mascara did not, and this indeed did help. It also helped with the definition as my lashes stood out more.

I came to the conclusion that this is very different to most of my mascaras which I have used in the past. This is definitely the reason why it has taken me quite a few weeks to get my head around the best way to use this. As I have already mentioned the bristles are much smaller, and I think I need something bigger and fuller to reach from root to tip of every lash. It also has quite a wet formula and I find it takes a little while for it to set, and if you move in too quickly with another coat it can end up looking very clumpy, very quickly. However, if you are already blessed with longer more fuller lashes, this can definitely help to add some length.

Lastly, I have been using this in combination with my L'Oreal Paradise mascara, which is currently my favourite go-to everyday product. I did write a full review ranting and raving about it, which you can read here. The past few days I have been using the L'Oreal Paradise first to coat my lashes, I then curl my lashes with the eyelash curlers, and to finish off add a coating of the Wonder'fully Real on top, and so for it is proving to be a great combination. The end result is my getting the volume, curl and length - which is a total winner.

It is no hidden fact it is a struggle for me to find a mascara which does everything that I want. My lashes aren't short, but they are sparse. Therefore, I need a product which does a lot. This unfortunately did not do everything which I wanted it to do. I am always going to be honest with my reviews on my blog, and that is the reason why I have been brutally honest with this mascara. I have tried this product on many occasions, and as I have mentioned with the use of my eyelash curlers and another mascara I am finding it much better. I do like the formula, but the actual bristles on the brush just don't do much for my lashes. I would definitely suggest trying this mascara with some eyelash curlers as it definitely did help to add some curl and definition. As I always say, a product which doesn't do everything I want may do everything you want. I am, and I will probably always be a huge fan of Rimmel and their drugstore affordable products. Unfortunately though we are all different and all want different things from products, and I am never going to try a product and give it a 10/10 rating every time.


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