Wednesday 3 June 2015

Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is a brand which I have seen popping up in various little independent stores across different cities. It is has the same brand concept as Lush Cosmetics, but the variety of bath products is bigger coming in different shapes and formed.

The Bath Mallows are smaller than your average bath bombs, they work the same way though by placing in warm water and it slowly fizzes releasing the fragrance. I picked up the version called Berried Alive, this has scents of all different types of berries as the name suggests. The main scent is blackberry, with hints of cocoa and shea butter. These are advertised as being smoothing on the skin and as a great addition when relaxing and unwinding in the bath. Online this is £2.24 which is slightly cheaper than Lush, but the product is smaller at 50g.

First of all this soap just looks super pretty in its packaging. It is a beautiful tiered pink with silver glitter pieces running through it. The top of the soap is pure white silver glitter with little pieces of the soap. It is very appropriately part of the Soap Cake  collection which contains an array of different soaps with different scents. The Sweet Star Surprise is unfortunately not featured online, but there are many different ones on their website which all look just as good! The soap which I picked up has a sweet scent of fresh lychee, ylang ylang and magnolia oils. which will be great to help leave your skin silky smooth when it is lathered in the shower or bath. This costs just £2.49 which I think it is an excellent price as you get a lot of product, and I think it will last a while.

I am excited to try out both of these products, and I will report back on how I get on. I have got high expectations and its great that all these products are made with natural produce and are vegan friendly.


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