Wednesday 26 February 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Lustre Lipgloss

So from the pictures you can see just how much I love this lip gloss from Charlotte Tilbury. It is definitely well loved and well used. This is part of their lip lustre line. I love the formula of these, you can tell that they have taken time and effort into making this perfect, which is what Charlotte Tilbury does with every release. It is light on application, not sticky and not too thick. I have tried and tested lots of lip glosses over the years, and I have found the main downfalls are often how thick the formulas are and how they often dry to feel tacky on the lips. I wear this lip gloss over the top of many different formulas of lip sticks. The shade is Blondie and it a light pinky shimmer with a slight nude and golden undertone running throughout it, which makes it very versatile. This feels light and smooth on application, it does have a slight stickiness to it but I think all glosses need stickiness to an extent. The finish is high shine and it is definitely a 'glossy' gloss. I also really like the doe foot applicator as it makes application super easy and fast. It also has the little curve at the top to help with accuracy.

It is 'that' lip gloss which lives in the bottom of my handbag and I can pull out on any occasion. I have always preferred a gloss or satin type finish to all lip products. I think it pulls together a look and makes me feel ready for whatever occasion I am heading too. In terms of pricing Charlotte Tilbury is a high end brand and this lip gloss costs £19. There is no denying that £19 for a lip gloss is expensive. However, every now and again we all deserve a little treat and I had wanted to try one of their lip glosses for so long. Therefore, one pay day I treated myself and I do not regret it one bit. I bought this at least two years ago and I wear it on a frequent basis, and there is somehow still a good amount of formula left in the bottle.

I know that one day soon I am going to cave and I will buy another shade to add to my collection. My sister owns Ibiza Nights which is a lovely pale nude shimmer. I have got my eye on Pillow Talk which is the best seller out of the range, it is a mid range pinky nude. Although, I might have to wait until a special occasion to buy it as I have got many lip glosses on the go currently. I feel that Charlotte Tilbury has definitely made a stamp on the beauty industry, and this lip gloss has definitely got my approval.

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