Sunday 5 February 2017

Blogging props

So I have finally got round to writing my blogging props post, and I am so happy to be sharing some of my best ideas. 

A far few weeks ago before Christmas I was bored of all of my props which I was currently using. They were not inspiring me and I found that I was using the same props in every post and they were looking very similar. I first decided to look in my existing stash again and I did manage to find some new things to add into my posts. My top tip is to look at what you already have lying around, books, magazines, candles, jewellery and flowers. I now keep a little box with all other types of props which don't have a home on display such as sequins and gems, just so I can grab it when I need it and it is all in one place. I still felt that I needed some additional new items, so I decided to have quick look on eBay at what they had on offer and I got a little carried away. I bought ribbons, strings of sequins, gems, crystals and washi tape. In total I spent less than £5 and I now have lots of new things to play around with.

I think you can very much get into a routine or in fact a rut of using the same set up, but I know when I read blogs myself I like there to be more to the photo than just the products/products which are being featured. It makes the photos more interesting and intriguing. I find that on Instagram the most eye-catching photos are those which have a matching colour scheme and are striking with just one glance. However, sometimes photos can be too busy and fussy, and this can take away from what the photo is suppose to be focusing on. I have seen photos which have been bursting with props and it takes a few moments to gather what the photo is trying to portray. So sometimes I find simple but effective can definitely be the most engaging photos.

In order to find inspiration as to what props to buy for your blog, definitely go with the theme of your blog. Do not try to go too out of your comfort zone if it doesn't feel right for you. I think sometimes you can want to buy whatever every other blogger is, and this is not always the best way to be. Don't get me wrong I have got on to the marble and copper trend but that's because I think it looks really great in photos and I have those themes within my home. However, I follow many bloggers who do not follow this trend and I am just as intrigued by their photos. It is all about finding your own niche and going with it. 

If you have any other ideas please feel free to share..

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