Wednesday 2 December 2015

Primark Christmas Haul

On Saturday whilst in Edinburgh, I took a trip to the big Primark which they have. Whilst I am away at university the nearest Primark is Newcastle which is an hour away, so I always take advantage when I am in a big city.

I think the homeware section in Primark is fab for bits and bobs for your home. They had their whole new Christmas range in which I was very excited about. I had two excuses to buy Christmas decorations this year. Firstly, I really needed to buy some props for my blog photos, to make them all festive ready for Blogmas. Secondly, my university house has been volunteered as the house to hold the Christmas dinner, so I needed some decorations for the house too. I also picked up some tissue paper and gift tags, as I'm trying to be as organised as possible with my presents this year.

As you can see I've bought a variety of things, to help me get into the festive spirit , and it came to the grand total of £10 which I was very impressed with. The beads - £1.50, the led lights - £1.50, tinsel -£1 each, candle - £2, napkins - £1, gift tags - £1 and the snowflake tissue paper - £1.

Have you checked out the Primark Christmas section yet?

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