Monday 15 December 2014

Skincare Routine featuring Clinique

I have been trying to keep up with a morning and evening skin care routine as much as possible recently in order to try and keep my skin clear. Clinique are one of the most well known beauty brands when it comes to skin care due to the vast amount and highly rated products which they sell. A few weeks ago I picked up three new products which I have never tried before, but have heard that they work wonders. Two products come from their anti-blemish solutions line the Cleansing Foam (£17) and the Acne Clearing Gel (£14). From reading a few blogs I have heard that Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (£22) is an excellent and cheaper alternative to the Emma Hardie version. I have slotted the products into my morning and night routine and I love how clean and fresh they make your skin feel and they don't have a fragrance.  I am hoping that these will work there wonders and keep my acne at bay over the festive period.

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