Wednesday 20 February 2019

Primark Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows

In 2018, so many glitter liquid eyeshadows were released and at first I was a little dubious as to whether I was going to love or hate them. Lots of brands both low and high end started to bring them out, but I was still unsure whether to invest or not. Then as always good old Primark jumped on the band wagon and I thought it was time to try them. I featured Primark's beauty range quite a few times last year. Primark is known for duping every must have fashion piece, and they have branched out into beauty. One of their most impressive products was their dupe of Huda's nine quad palettes, which I wrote a post about which you can read here.

Primark's beauty Instagram page is where they post all of their new releases and when I saw their glitter liquid eyeshadows I knew it was time to invest. They are only £3 each which I thought was such an excellent price. I thought even if they were rubbish at least I hadn't spent a lot of money. As always with these must have products and with Primark's weekly turn around they were hard to find.

I bought two different glittery shades silver and pink. I think there are three in the line but at my local store there was only these two available. I did purchase these in December which meant it was perfect for me to put them to the test during the festive period. I tried them straight away as soon as I had bought them. I was intrigued what the consistency and glitter was going to look when applied to my eyes. I like the small flat doe foot applicator as it makes the product easy to apply.

I first applied this without any eyeshadow or base as I was wondering if I could apply it straight on to my eyelids. I found that it was hard to get an equal layer, and the consistency was quite thin and very fluid like. I was going on a night out a few weeks later so I thought I could properly put them to the test then. On the night I was going out I wanted to be able to put them fully through their paces, so I put the P.Louise eyeshadow base followed by a nude eyeshadow from the Urban Decay 3 palette to create a solid base. I first applied silver, which is very confusing as I can 100% confirm this is a light gold champagne shade. Like I have said the formula is quite wet, much more than what I thought it would be. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the eyeshadow at this stage. I found that the wet consistency allows you to try and get an equal coverage. However, I have to stand with my eyes fully closed whilst it is still drying as if your eyes are even slightly open it transfers everywhere, which I found out firsthand can become very messy. Once the eyeshadow has completely dried which doesn't take too long, I was impressed with how it looked.

I also tested out the shade pink, which I once again can confirm is definitely a rose gold and has very little 'pink' in it. This has a slightly thicker formula and pigmentation than the other shade. They worked exactly the same in terms of application and consistency. Pink certainly has more colour running through it, as it is a much darker shade. Once dried I found the colour pay off good, but with both shades it felt a little bit gritty on my eyes. The glitter aspect is surprisingly good and is a stand out part of the product. Although, once on the eye I felt as though it emphasised the creases on my eyelids despite my base. To finish the look I applied some eyeliner and lashes. Overall, I felt as though the glitter eyeshadow stayed put throughout the night and didn't budge.

The packagings of these are very much like the Stila ones as they have the same rectangular shaped plastic bottle. The only difference is that these have a glittery lid, whilst Stila's is a matte gold. You get 4.5ml which I did not think is going to last very long at all, but I will wait and see.

I have worn both of these at least three times now as I just could not make my mind up as to how I felt about them. There are definitely some really good parts to the formula and how they look. But, I also feel as though they have some negatives and there is definitely room for improvement. Trying these ignited my urge for wanting to try out more glitter liquid eyeshadows. I have heard that the Stila ones are the best ones out there to try, but they are pretty costly. I would not wear these on a daily basis to work or to pop to the shops, so it would be a big cost to only wear now and again. When I go out I love the idea of a night time glitter eye and these liquid eyeshadows tick the boxes of wanting that going out-out look without having to spend a fortune.


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