Wednesday 2 November 2016

The Monthly Roundup for October

October has flown by. I feel as though 2017 will be upon us before we know it. October has been a month of change for me, I mentioned last month that I started my new job and this month has been all about me finding my feet, settling in and finally having some responsibility. The team has been really welcoming, but some days it has been so busy there simply has not been time to show me the ropes so I have been having to find many things out for myself. Being back at work and doing full time hours after I nice summer off struck me quite hard at the start of the month. However, with all this work, comes pay. When I got my payslip from work the day before payday and saw the amount of pay I was getting, I literally danced around the staffroom. I am not saying that I am earning tonnes, and this is not to show off. But for me I have worked hard for three years of uni and I feel as though that is finally paying off through being paid. I felt quite teary actually as I had never had a pay cheque like it in my life, and I found it very overwhelming. You may have thought that I would have been on a massive spending spree but I haven't... as of yet. I feel very protected over it, and I am not ready to let go and splash out just yet. All of the girls at work have said that it is mandatory to buy something big and spoil yourself on your first pay. I did actually take a trip to Cheshire Oaks and fell in love with an out of this world pink Gucci bag, which was in fact half price!

 I feel as though this month I have felt proud of myself and my self confidence in my abilities has taken a good turn. The only thing which I have found this month is that I have missed out on a few socialising events due to my shifts. I did manage to make it to a last minute Halloween party of an old school friend which was great to catch up with everyone, and take some time to relax and see my friends. I also went to see Justin Bieber in Manchester, regardless of the drama (he walked off stage!), I had a great night and got to see my two close friends from university and we had a big night out which was great.

In terms of November, I haven't got too much planned. The Christmas markets in Manchester open this month, and the Christmas shopping will commence. However, call me scrooge but Christmas to me starts on the 1st December, then you can start organising and getting in the spirit. I am excited to do a spot of shopping this year and I am trying to be as inventive as possible with my present buying, but it can all wait until December.


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