Wednesday 11 November 2015

Autumn Edit: Perfumes

I love buying and receiving new perfumes, so I thought I would let you delve into my current favourites.

First up, Honey by Marc Jacobs, I have recently got back into loving this. It is super sweet which is what I like. I am not into woody and overly floral scents, I will always gravitate towards a fruity scent. I can instantly smell the mandarin and orange in this, and then when it settles the scent of the peach and honey really come through. I would probably see this is more is a Spring/Summer fragrance, but to me if I like a perfume I will wear it all round.

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know since my birthday in July when I received this I have been totally adoring it. It is the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey, it is my first ever cologne, and you can completely tell the difference. It is much stronger and fresher, and lasts so much longer on the skin which is exactly what you want. You would think that this would be very similar to Marc Jacob's Honey as it has similar ingredients, but in fact they are very different. They both contain nectarine and honey, but this has additional notes of plum and blackcurrant, making it not quite as sweet. Also, in this you can smell a hint of floral notes, which adds an additional twist and freshness to this.

I have had Vera Wang Be Jewelled in my collection since last Christmas, when I picked it up in the boxing day sale in Selfridge's for half price. I am so glad that I picked it up, as it is really different to anything else which I had previously owned. When researching exactly what was is in this, I discovered it actually contains champagne - how amazing! This is a girly fragrance, and is once again fruity. It contains different scents completely to the previous two as this is primarily red currants, and of course champagne.

Viktor & Rolf's Bon Bon is such a unique and fresh fragrance. As always it is a fruity scent, containing orange and peach. But the secret to this, is that it contains caramel. It adds the sharpness to the scent, and turns into a dreamy mixture of total heaven when settled into the skin. The packaging of this is really adorable, and looks delightful placed on your dressing table.

What is your current favourite fragrance?

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