Thursday 16 January 2014

Preparations for a Big Night Out

As uni kindly gave me a 'online study' week, I have been utilising my time well by catching up with all my friends again before I head back this weekend. I am very excited for tonight as one of my close friends is at uni in Liverpool so me and my other friend are heading up to see her today for a big night out tonight!

Now, I know its only 11 o clock but I have had to do all of my pre-night out regime already, as I have such a busy day today and I am leaving the house at 12 and won't be coming home again before I meet my friend to start the short journey to Liverpool. I have already put my outfit, beauty bits and makeup in my mums car so I had to organise it all last night. So here is my preparations before a night out, compared to most people my preparations are small but I do have a general routine of what I like to do.

So last night, I packed my travel suitcase and I used my new beauty travel bag that I am doing a post on and will be up sometime this week on. Its from Debenhams and I found it really useful for travelling it has two halves one which I use for beauty bits and the other for makeup. I decided the makeup look what I am going to do and packed my products around that and a few extra just in case I changed my mind. I am also going to posting a post tomorrow on what makeup look I went for so I won't ruin the surprise! The beauty bits which I packed were my - Bioderma, Garnier simply essentials - soothing vitamin-enriched toner, some of the boots double oval cotton pads and my body shop day cream.

I then packed my outfit which is a playsuit from Topshop and my new heeled chelsea boots from New Look, and black tights because its freezing at the moment and also you don't have to mess around with fake tanning.

This morning, I jumped in the shower washed my hair using my sisters products which I have to say are very nice they are the Andrew Barton - the ultimate blonde twice a week brightening shampoo and the John Frieda sheer blonde conditioner. I then shaved my legs and got out the shower, I used my Body Shop white musk to moisturise my body. I am currently painting my nails in between typing, using my mums Orly nail varnish in star spangled a very nice bright red and shimmer colour.

I think that is about it for my preparations I told you it wasn't massive, I don't like to go totally over the top on a night out, when I know its going to be a big night like tonight I do tend to make a little more of an effort but nothing to drastic.

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