Wednesday 25 May 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks - Lolita II and Lovesick

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are the most sort after liquid lipstick on the beauty market. Unfortunately for us brits they are only sold in Sephora which is such a pain unless you want to mass online order. I picked this up when I was in Spain over Easter. When I was at the till I considered putting Lovesick back as they are not cheap (20 euros). But I really wanted to try more than one colour out, and I am so glad that I decided to buy it as the shade is gorgeous.

Lolita II and Lovesick are both shades which I had done my research on, as there has been huge publicity from bloggers surrounding these. There are quite a few must have shades and I quickly swatched nearly all of the shades which they had available. These two really stood out to me. I originally thought I wanted Lolita and that was the shade which I thought I would buy. But I realised that Lolita was actually so much darker than I thought, and I wanted to pick up some everyday shades. Lolita II is a rich nude with terracotta tones. It is a medium mix between red and orange, and I own nothing like it. This type of shade is so popular at the moment and lots of brands are bringing out these colours. Lovesick a medium rosy pink. I was initially thinking that I had quite a few lipstick colours already like this. Pink is a colour which I have always been naturally drawn towards, it is my favourite colour and suits my fair skin tone and blonde hair colouring. I did not own any liquid lipsticks of this shade, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to add to my collection.

The formula of these are soft and smooth when applied and then they dry down to a matte finish. A lot have said that they the length of the wand is too long on these, but I actually really like the thin, long wand as it helps with precision. The nib is slanted and allows you to create the perfect shape of your lips, meaning you can fill them in easier. I have worn these numerous times and everytime I have been really impressed. They stay comfortable on your lips, they are dry but all matte formulas have to be. However, they are not overly dry or become flakey and patchy. My bug bear with liquid lipsticks is when the inner part of my lips starts to fade and the outer edges are still perfectly in place. This stays in place pretty well, I think that you are always going to have a little bit of budging when eating especially with greasy foods with lots of oils. This is however pretty budge proof and you only need minor touch ups after eating. Reapplication is easy and doesn't require much effort, as I just usually reapply a new layer to the entire lip and it is as good as new. If I have not eaten it will easily last a good few hours and look as good as new. The application is more glossy and smooth when it is first applied. It definitely doesn't take long for it to dry into a much more matte finish which then sits nicely on the lips.

I have got my eyes on picking up some more of these, but unfortunately it won't be until July when I am in Europe next. Do you have any shade recommendations for me to add to my wishlist?

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