Sunday 17 April 2016


I went on a day trip to Gibraltar whilst on my holidays in Spain. Gibraltar is actually part of the British Isles so the country is run exactly how ours is, and it is literally just like Britain but a lot sunnier. It is a really beautiful place and has a lot of culture and heritage. They are renowned for their underground caves which have monkeys. We went on an organised trip and we went on a minibus up into the mountains where we went into the caves which were sensational and they hold concerts and special occasions within them. Outside the caves they have families of monkeys who have settled there, and they were really friendly. We got a few hours to look around the town and I found it really crazy as they had literally all of our shops like Topshop and BHS. They have no VAT or charges on alcohol or perishable goods such as perfume and makeup. Lots of the residents in Spain cross the border as they are able to buy their goods and take them back. I was really astonished at how cheap alcohol was, I got a litre bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for just £6. All other branded alcohol was just a cheap. You pay for everything in british pounds but they also accept euros. When you are crossing over back into Spain, you have to go through customs and it is the law that you are only allowed to take a litre of alcohol per person each back into the country. We didn't get searched but they can ask you to declare your goods. For all of you who read my blog mainly for the beauty, the makeup wasn't much cheaper as the original prices of the products were more expensive than over here. Therefore, with the discount you were saving no more than 10% off the RRP.

The place itself was very lovely with lots to see and do, and you could definitely take a holiday there. It would of been nice to spend some more time there, but we definitely managed to do and see a lot in the time we were there. During the summer they do dolphins trips around the coast of the island as dolphins migrate into their sea. This is something which I would love to do if I was to visit again at the height of the season.

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