Sunday 13 March 2016

3 Current Favourite Palettes

I have found myself using the same 3 palettes over and over again recently, and I thought it was time to share!

I mention this quite regularly here on my blog but how can I not just look at the wonders of the Hourglass Blushes, they are simply gorgeous. Unfortunately this palette is no longer available, however you are able to buy each individual shade as separates. These are my favourite blushes which I own as I love the colour range and how perfectly pigmented they are. I use all of the colours regularly on rotation, as they add just a little extra to each makeup look which I create.

The newest to my palette stash is the Collection Contour Kit. I picked this up for just £2.99, which was an ultimate bargain. I bought this totally on the whim as I have not heard much about this at all through advertising or the blogging world. I am reporting today that for the price it is a good buy. The bronzer is currently my favourite part to the kit, I thought it could be possibly too dark for my skin but in fact it is a rather splendid match. It is soft, pigmented and easy to blend. The shade is more of a milk chocolate shade with a little shimmer and not too far from Nars' Laguna. I am still currently putting the highlighter to the test, as it does not seem to be as pigmented as the bronzer. However, it is a lovely light peachy, champagne shade which is not overly glittery. This adds a pop of colour to the cheekbones if you want a subtle, everyday shimmer.

The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita has been a firm favourite of mine every since I was kindly gifted it at Christmas. I love how soft and velvety feeling the shades are, for the price it does not disappoint. This is a palette which I can grab and go whenever I need to and I know it will fit with the occasion. The first shade Prime is the most perfect pearlescent shade which i have ever seen, it is divine. All of the other shades complement each other perfectly, to create either a light shimmer or a more intense smokey eye.

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