Sunday 6 August 2017


Yesterday I went to Friendsfest which is currently touring in the UK. I went to the one taking place at Heaton Park, Manchester with my sister and we had a fabulous time. It is touring up and down the UK for the next few months and you can find all of the dates and venues here. It is sold out in most places, but there are still a few tickets left. We got our tickets online on their website, and it was a mad rush as we really needed to go yesterday as we go on holiday on tomorrow. The tickets were £26 which I do not think is cheap, but these events are never cheap and overall we had a great afternoon out.

When you book online you choose a time which you want to go on the tour set and we choose 13:20. We had planned to get there and got straight on the tour set. You have a member of crew who is allocated to your tour. There is approximately 25 people on each tour. When you first go in to the tour set there is section where they have lots of different things from the show displayed including outfits and props. I felt as though you were a bit under pressure as we were told we had 7 minutes in this section. It was great to see all the different most loved props such as the holiday armadillo.

You then go through on to the set where you go into Joey and Chandler's apartment which is set up the exact same as it was in the series. I found it could be a little bit hard to get all the photos as you want as there are 25 people also trying to get 'that' photo. However, everyone kind of moved in rotation to get what they wanted. 

Monica's apartment is such an iconic set from the series as so much action took place there. I loved looking around and imagining how they filmed it. I was surprised as the set was much smaller than I thought it would be, and I could imagine it being quite cramped at some times when there was a lot of characters all filming there.

Once the 30 minute tour has finished you are then free to wander around all of the other sets at your leisurely pace. We decided to head straight to Central Perk which was very exciting. It looked just as I imagined, once again a lot smaller than I would have thought. They had the stage set up like they famously do, a crew member came and sang some of Phoebe's well known songs which was a great extra touch. 

There is then an opportunity to dress up once at Ross and Rachel's Vegas wedding in bridal dresses and suits. They also have the backdrop from the 1988 prom where you can wear Rachel and Monica's dresses with matching wigs.

They also have got the famous yellow cabs and a NYPD car for you to take photos with.

There is also the opportunity to take photos with the famous opening for the credits with the umbrellas, orange sofa and the fountains. We had to queue for 25 minutes to get these photos, as it was the most in demand part of the set.

 There are also food and drink stalls placed around the park. This was great as they had a huge screen where you can watch snippets of different episodes whilst relaxing on deck chairs.

Overall, I had a great afternoon. As you can see if you want to get lots of photos recreating famous scenes with the sets, you definitely have the opportunity to. Me and my sister both said that we thought that the tour set was a little bit rushed as you were allocated exactly 30 minutes. I would have also liked to have been given some more information during this, to give you a little more insight and learn some new behind the scene facts and knowledge. However, we both had a great time and it really did bring everything to life. 


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