Sunday 6 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

I have mentioned this MAC Warm Neutrals Palette so many times on my blog. But this is such a perfect present. I got this for my birthday, and it is one of the must used presents which I have ever received. This costs £65, but it is such great value as for 15 eye shadows individually it would cost over £150. If you know someone who wants a few MAC shadows or is struggling to choose a palette for themselves, then this is your chosen one. I would definitely choose this over any of the Urban Decay palettes, as the shade selection is so much better, and every shade is wearable.

I have actually bought these Scotty Dog Slippers  for my mum... sssh don't tell her! She is constantly asking my dad for a scotty dog, as they are totally adorable so I thought these would be perfect for her. I think slippers are a perfect present for your mum and nana, as they are a present which you know they will wear, and will get good use of it.

Pandora jewellery is one of the best presents to give. I love, love, love all of their delicate designs, and I especially love their rings. I  have the July Birthstone Ring (£40) and the Heart Stacking Ring (£35), and they are both perfect presents are they are stacking rings. The birthstone rings are a great present, as they are personal and a statement piece of jewellery.  I have a few stacking rings, but this heart one is my favourite. They look so lovely stacked on top of each other. I love how they are such a simple, yet effective design.

The Jo Malone Nectarine and Blossom Honey Cologne is my favourite fragrance ever. I got this for my Birthday in July, and the scent is heavenly. I adore fruity fragrances, and this is so fresh on the skin. As this is a cologne, the scent is really strong, but not too overpowering. This lasts a seriously long time on the skin, and there is no need for a refresh throughout the day. Jo Malone do some sensational Christmas gifts, and such a wide array of products including candles and body lotions. It is a present which you can guarantee that they will like.

Gloves are an essential for the time of the year, where I live up North it is particularly cold at the moment. These Jack Wills Turnpike Stripe Mittens are so adorable, and are the warmest gloves which I have ever owned. The mittens have a really thick fur lining inside them, making them super warm and cosy. This type of gift is something in which someone would not necessarily buy for themselves, but it is an essential for the winter months. They are also a luxury presents as they are £24.50, but you can buy the matching scarfs and hats as well if you wanted to splash out on them.

I have actually bought this present for someone, which I am obviously not going to reveal. But I am really jealous, as the Smashbox Mini Double Exposure Travel Palette is totally gorgeous and I would like one for myself. However, I am going to be good and give it to the intended person, as I know that they will really love it. This actually is a lot smaller than I expected, it is rather tiny. But, the shades within the palette are beautiful and all shimmery and gorgeous. If you know someone who travels a lot, or you think could do with some revamp within their eye shadow collection this a great palette for them, and not too expensive at £17.50.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, keep your eyes peeled for my other gift guides which will be on the blog sometime this week.

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