Friday 6 January 2017

What I got for Christmas

I love reading what I got for... posts. Whether its birthdays, special occasions or in this case Christmas. I love to have a nosy and see what other got as it is just an excuse to add more things to my wishlist and also it can help spark inspiration when buying presents for others. 

For Christmas the only present which I asked for was my Logitech canvas iPad keyboard, which has been one of the most practical present which I have received in a while. I love my laptop but it is quite heavy and bulky and until I've got enough together to buy my dream iMac which will hopefully be by the end of this year, I needed to find a practical solution to being able to work on the go. I have been using this on a daily basis, it works by connecting from Bluetooth from the keyboard to my iPad it is super easy to use. I have been using it on the go in car journeys to write up posts as part of my productivity goal of the new year. I will also be using it whilst travelling as it is a great small size, not heavy and is compact as it comes as a case which you just clip on. This costs £70 and my mum bought it from the Apple shop and it comes in a variety of colours, I opted for the red.

I really like the brand Jack Wills, I think it is well priced and all the clothes are great quality. Everything is quite simple which I like as I don't like my clothes to be over fussy or too statement. I love this grey hoodie which I received off my mum as I needed a new zip up hoodie to throw on when it is freezing which it has been in Bolton recently. They ares super cosy and soft, and I have barely taken this off since Christmas day.

My sister bought me this Soap & Glory set which contains and the thick and fast mascara, glow all out highlighter and a sexy mother pucker lipgloss. I have a few pieces of Soap & Glory makeup, but not many. However, from what I have tested out I have been impressed and the brand it very affordable. I am excited to try these products out and I will report back if any are a must have piece.

I received the Real Technique's Bold Metals brushes set off my sister for Christmas, she knows me so well as I had already treated myself to this set! She told me she had bought it me before Christmas so I gave it to one of my good friends as I knew she would love it just as much as I do. I love, love, love Real Technique brushes and they make up 90% of my brush collection. When the Bold Metals collection was first released they were the more luxurious high end brushes and some of them were £20 plus each. This set is excellent value as you get three of the face brushes - tapered blush, triangle concealer and tapered shadow, and I can not wait to try them all out. You also got a brush roll in this set which will be get for travelling and keeping all my brushes in one place.

A few months ago I was shopping with my mum and I was hinting at what perfume she liked from Jo Malone as I was going to buy her a bottle for Christmas. I already own Blackberry & Bay and Nectarine Blossom & Honey. They are by far the most beautiful perfumes I own as they are colognes, therefore they linger on the skin for hours meaning you smell fresh all day. We stumbled across English Pear & Freesia and I was instantly intrigued. She said that she also really liked it so I was seriously getting it for her Christmas. I didn't end up getting it her, but she in fact remembered I liked it and bought it for me. I always prefer fruity scents rather than floral, but this is a mixture of both and I actually really love it. I have already been wearing this on a daily basis, and I love how fresh it smells on the skin.

I did receive a few other presents off my mum and dad such as the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume and my new favourite rose Converse which I completely forgot to photograph, but I am doing reviews on them anyway so keep your eyes peeled for those posts. My best friend from uni got my the Justin Bieber calendar and a Ted Baker gift set. I also received a Boots gift set from my Secret Santa at work. From my aunts and uncles I received vouchers which I always enjoy getting as I feel as though you can spoil yourself without you having to actually spend anything! All in all, I received some amazing presents this year, and as always I am really grateful for everything.

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