Wednesday 10 May 2017

Not being too hard on yourself

I write this on a Monday afternoon after the busiest week of 2017 so far. Last week, I had so much going I managed to write one post and take a few Instagram pictures. I have had times before where I have been behind on my blogging, at one time or another. One thing I have learnt is sometimes, everyone needs to take some of their own advice. I can definitely take too much on my shoulders, and I sit here today with my to do list which I made at 8am this morning thinking about how I am going to get everything in.

I blog, because I like blogging - simple as that. I think we have all had times where we have been too hard on ourselves when it comes to our blogs. However, this does not make it any easier when you are facing a tough time with your schedule and work/life balance. Last week was the first time in years since I started my blog where I have only published one blog post in one week. Occasionally, when I get super busy I go down to two. But, having just one post up and nothing to put on Instagram made me feel incredibly rubbish. I am not one to just shove out content, and I did actually have some post ideas which I had brainstormed previously, but having the time to write a post or take photos was proving too difficult.

I think sometimes we do need to have a little break, and it actually did me the world of good without me realising. Today, I woke up with some many fresh ideas, I made a list of 10 posts which I want to write within the space of 15 minutes. I hate when you are having dreaded bloggers block, and you feel like you are having to force out ideas. I feel that this shows in how you write your posts, and it comes across to your readers. Having a few days off from everything, made me come back with feeling fresh and ready to go.

Sometime in the moment, which for me was those few days at the end of last week things can seem 10x worse at the time. Reflecting on it, it was only me really who was disappointed in myself, and I really need to learn to let it go a little easier. I think having some healthy competition was yourself can be brilliant as it can help you strive to achieve, and then you are seeing results for all the hard one work which you have put in.

All I am saying is we need to be a little more gentle with ourselves. Being tough and hard, only leads to more stress. I know that from now on, if I am really struggling with managing my blog content I am going to try my best not to let it get to me as much as it has before. If you take the fun out of blogging what are we left with. The answer for me is not very much.


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