Wednesday 28 March 2018

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

I bought this months ago in my first ever Glossier order. The Glossier priming moisturizer is part of their phase 1 skincare set which costs £35 (saving £8), which also includes the balm dot com and jelly cleanser. I recently put up a post about their jelly cleanser which you can read here. I have been using this for a good month or two now, and I have to say I have really enjoyed using it.

It has a cream like consistency just like a moisturiser would. This is what contributes to it feeling as though it has really sunk into the skin. At first I was a little dubious about this as many people said to skip the priming moisturiser and go straight in with their priming moisturizer rich, but when I originally ordered this my skin did not need as much priming as it does at the moment. My skin is very dry currently, I apply this after my two moisturisers and it adds the last step to try to keep my base makeup looking the best it can. It evens the skin tone, but also you are able to layer it up if necessary without it feeling too thick on the skin. I have been adding an extra layer onto the areas where my skin is particularly dry to try and prevent my foundation from flaking, budging and most importantly creating an even application.

One of the things I love about Glossier is their simplicity. They contain simple ingredients and are not pumped with lots of parabens and fragrances, which often upset my skin. All round this is a great product, which I have very much been enjoying using. It is definitely a multi-purpose product. I read in the reviews on the Glossier that many people use this just as a moisturiser day and night. Like I have said, I use this as the last stage before applying my makeup, as I think it is a little bit more than just a moisturiser and it creates a good canvas. It has a much runnier formula than what I am used to but that creates a slightly tacky base. All round for £18 each, I think this would work well on all skin types and I will be recommending it to my friends.

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