Wednesday 7 March 2018

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

In 2017 Glossier landed in the U.K. with a bang, and as always I needed a piece of the action. On the day of the launch I was online at the crack of dawn to buy everything in sight. As always I had done my research and I wanted everything.

The milky jelly cleanser is nothing fancy, but it does not claim to be. It is a cleanser which you can use day or night as a first or second cleanser. I have been using this mostly at night after removing my makeup with micellar water, as a deeper cleanse to ensure all traces of my makeup have gone. I feel that this is a great non fuss product, and that is the exact reason why Glossier as a brand is doing so well. The cleanser is £15, which I think is a great price. Glossier has put themselves slap bang in the middle ground between the drugstore and high end.

It says to use on dry skin to dissolve makeup, or to use on wet skin as a first daily cleanse. I use this day and night but I prefer to use it on wet skin, as I think it provides a more thorough cleanse. This has a creamy gel consistency which I find leaves my skin feeling fresh and most importantly clean. I hate that feeling after using a cleanser when your skin doesn't feel thoroughly cleansed. It claims to have five essential ingredients which when combined together create this beautiful concoction of this cleanser. Like I have already said, this is a no frills product. However, this is the exact reason as to why I like it. In terms of the product containing a scent, rosewater is used rather than standard water and that gives it a very subtle scent. I am not a big fan of my skincare products having scents which are too overwhelming, but the rosewater gives the cleanser the perfect finishing touch.

As you know my skin is very dry at the moment, and this has been really great at taking my makeup off. I think this is due to not containing any harsh ingredients which could cause any further dryness or making my skin react in anyway. Glossier you get a big thumbs up on this from me on this!



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