Wednesday 5 April 2017

The Roundup for March

March has been a busy month at work. As I write this I am coming to the end of my first week of annual leave, and as you read this I am on holiday which is very exciting. I have not been on holiday since last Summer and I am glad to have a week away. I am super excited to let you know how I got on my holidays and I will let you know for definite in upcoming posts.

 I also gave up alcohol for 4 whole weeks - 28 days in total. I was originally doing it for Lent but I had some special occasions coming up so I decided one month was the ideal opportunity. I have come to realise that whenever I socialise 90% of the time it involves alcohol, not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. What I can say is, that I have just about managed to fill my time in. I was kind of doing it to see if it has had any direct correlation with losing weight. I did find that I lost a few pounds, however I am not going to lie instead of drinking on a Saturday night, I was filling my face with other equally calorific foods. I have enjoyed doing it and I have to say there was only one or two occasions when I actually wanted something alcoholic, but that was just because I fancied it with what I was eating. I have also given up crisps for lent and I am doing so well, I tell you there has been way more occasions where I have wanted a dorito over a kopparberg!

I really do not feel like anything excited happened at all this month, but sometimes they are the best months when time just flies by without realising. I have been making some exciting plans recently and there is nothing that makes me more happy than the prospect of making more memories.

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