Wednesday 4 October 2017

Having Me Days

I go through phases of loving and hating my own company. If you read my blog during my last years of uni, you would know that I practically lived on my own in my last year and I hated it. I hate long periods of time of my own company. But as I have got older in the last year or so since finishing uni I have learnt to love my own company just a little bit more.

On my days off like today as I start to write this I have been starting to enjoyed what I have named "me days". I love having the mornings to myself in the house, to write my own blog posts in my own time without rushing, to catch up on all my fave TV shows without a care in the world. Today I took myself off to the Trafford Centre to treat myself to a bit of lunch and a trip around the shops. I have something to confess, I hate eating on my own. You would never, ever catch me in a restaurant on my own. I would usually go to Subway, get my food and eat it at home. I plan my days around either eating before or after going out, and it can make my day quite chaotic. I think people will think I am lonely, which I know is daft but that's how my brain works. I would be willing to get something quick from a food court, but would not enjoy the eating on my actual own part.

Today I wanted to really treat myself and rather than grabbing a KFC or McD's, I decided to take myself off to Yo Sushi. It is one my favourite places to eat and I thought it was a great place to start as you can sit at the bar, and I often see other people sat on their own enjoying their dinner in there. I actually felt okay, and by the end I wondered what else all the fuss I had been making about. I am hoping these me days help me to feel more confident to just get out the house, and go and do things I want to do.

There is no denying I love spending time with my friends and family, but I found myself getting a little bit lost in myself. It is so important to not lose your identity around everyone else and stay true to yourself. I find myself talking about this with my friends quite a lot, at uni I always had something to do if I wasn't at placement or work, I was doing uni work or doing the food shop. One year into my job, and I very much appreciate my days off and that fact I do not have to be rushing around like before. I have more time to blog, go to the gym, and do things in a more leisurely time frame. At first this made me feel a bit lonely, and it is very easy to get into the routine of being cooped up in the house on my own whilst everyone else is out at work. It is definitely something to work on, and many of my friends have agreed with me on feeling this way.

I have vouched to dedicate one day a week to a me day, and that might just be something very simple. It is something which I will enjoy doing, even if it is going to have eyebrows done or buying something which will put a smile on my face. I think being single you appreciate your time more, actually I am not sure about that as I have never been in a relationship which has been serious enough to have to consider it. However, in a relationship or not we all need time for ourselves and enjoy a little bit of self love.

Let me know what you get up to on your me days!

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