Thursday 17 December 2015

& Other Stories Hand Cream

I had heard about the brand & Other Stories from other bloggers, and have always been intrigued as to what they sell. Whilst in London my friend took me to the store at Oxford Circus, and explained how it is H&M's sister brand. The beauty and skincare range totally sucked us in, and we spent ages browsing the section. The best thing is that it is all budget friendly, and really affordable. I am always on the hunt for a good hand cream, and I was excited when I stumbled across this on the shelves for just £4. They have distinctive scents which run throughout their entire skincare and beauty range. I really liked the Punk Bouquet Hand Cream scent, as it is vanilla based and left a lovely, fresh scent once rubbed into my hands. I could have bought so much more than I did whilst I was in the store. I had my eyes on the Anti-stress Sleeping Mask which had a really smooth texture, and the Gorgeously Gentle Cleansing wipes had such a refreshing and calming scent. This is totally one of those moments where you wished you had just spoiled yourself there and then, as I really regret not picking up the other bits which I liked the look of. I think this calls for an online order having to be made sometime soon.

Have you tried any products from the & Other Stories beauty range?

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