Wednesday 12 March 2014

Spending Ban - Clothes & Makeup

I mentioned in a post last week called Make It Happen March that Lent has inspired me to get fitter and eat a more healthier diet. As me and my mum debated what to give up, as I do try to do it for the full 40 days and 40 nights each year she suggested something extraordinary. The suggestion was to give up buying clothes. My initial reaction was that it is the craziest thing I have ever heard. After about a minute of convincing myself that it was impossible, I started to think if I could actually do it. Now I do not think that I a manic spender compared to others, especially now I am a uni student. But on payday I do like to take a trip to my favourite shops and pick up a few nice new pieces. I do have a real interest in fashion, and going shopping and buying new clothes does definitely make me happy. I then continued to contemplate for a few minutes and thought if I could actually do it. 40 days is not an excessive amount of time and I am currently saving up so I can go on holidays with my girlfriends over the summer, so I thought it would be a good way to save a nice little sum of money. I sent a text back and told her it was on! I honestly think that she does think I can do this, because I do have good willpower and I like to achieve goals which I set myself. I then had an even bigger thought that I would put a complete ban on buying any clothes and makeup. My mum surprising text back saying that she thought it was a bit excessive and she was challenging me on the clothes part. But I am challenging myself to the makeup part of the deal. 

One week in, I had to face my first obstacle on Saturday as I was going out with the girls from uni and I has not actually bought a new going out dress for ages.I have not been out in over a month as I have been so busy so I was excited to go out and have a really good night out. I was discussing the ban at work on Saturday and my supervisor told me to just give up now and just go and buy myself something as it will make me happy. She also stated that it would help me get through the 8 hour shift knowing that I have a nice, new dress to wear that night. Having an hour break, I set off with the idea of giving up and heading to Topshop. I sent an emergency text to my mum and she told me it was up to me, but she was sure that there was something in my wardrobe to wear without having to buy something new. I then started debating this thought whilst eating my sandwich, I did decide on something I did have that I could potentially wear. I have had my eye on a white skirt in Topshop for a few weeks now and I tried it on but it comes with a pricey tag of £36. I really loved it and I planned on buying it on payday in February. Stupidly I decided not to go shopping for the first time ever on February payday, so I did not even buy anything new before Lent started except one dress from Topshop for £18. So from my entire wage I have bought one dress as I was not planning on delving on this spending ban. Bad decision from me! However, I did resist the trip to Topshop and literally just glued myself to the chair for my entire dinner hour. I also think the fact I did not going shopping before Lent started has added a little extra pressure to the entire mission.

It is now Wednesday and I have stayed away from the shops, I not finding it that difficult it is only a very short period of time and I am able to experiment more with my wardrobe. The hardest thing is going to be March payday and unfortunately I am at home when I get paid, and Manchester is is amazing for shopping for both clothes and makeup. A lot of people are saying that there is no point in doing this little mission as, as soon as the day for lent ends I am just going to go crazy and buy everything so I won't have actually of saved any money. But I really don't think I will, I will definitely be going shopping and buying the pieces I want badly but I do not think I will excessively shop. In terms of the makeup side of the ban this has definitely not been hard yet, but like I say its only been one week and 40 days is not a long time.

So I am interested in knowing what you have all given up for lent, and if anyone has ventured on a similar task to me?!


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