Friday 15 November 2013

Weekend Round Up

Well, my bank account is definitely feeling ill after this weekend.
On Thursday night when I got back my mum had booked for me, my sister, her and my nan to go and see Singin in the rain at the theatre I love musicals and it was sooo good! Had a lovely night! 
On Friday me and mum headed to the Trafford Centre but stopped off at our local Primark in town on the way. I picked up a few bits and bobs mostly cosy things to keep me warm at uni literally just pjs, scarf, hat and gloves. 

Once at the Trafford Centre, we headed straight to Debenhams because my mum wanted to officially start her Christmas shop and wanted to get my dad aftershave.

They also had 20% off all Topshop where I got some lovely green tartan leggings and 30% off at Miss Selfridge where I purchased a white flower print top. In tomorrows post I am going to do a post on my Selfridges visit and my visit to the Nars counter so I will leave that one for tomorrows read!

We needed to refuel so headed to Pesto which if you haven't been is a tapas restaurant but it sells Italian food. The lunch menu meant you could choose any 3 meals of the menu for £7.95, and the waitress said most people get 3 meals each. Me and my mum shared the 6 between us, my god was it filling we literally could not eat it all the portions were bigger than we expected but it was really lovely food.

With more energy we trudged on and the Victoria Secrets store recently opened which is very exciting! As I wont be home again before Christmas my mum wanted to try and get lots of ideas of what to get me. But, I tried on a gorgeous zipped jacket in a burgundy colour and fell in love. Its from the Pink section of the store which if you don't know is the gym/casual section that goes alongside the Victoria Secrets brand. The sales assistant said they have literally been flying out the store the day they get the delivery of these particular style of jackets so my mum bought it and popped it away for Santa.

I then headed to the Disney Shop where I picked up a cute mug! I love finding nemo and I bought the Nemo mug last time I was home and I love it so much. So when I smashed my spare mug last week I thought it was the perfect opportunity to replace it with the matching Squirt mug so I now have the set. There £6 which I think is quite cheap for the Disney Shop.

The Christmas markets opened this weekend in the city centre and this was my only opportunity to go. So I went with my family and I think I went a little overboard on the pics but they always decorate it so lovely. This would be such a long post with all the pictures so I am going to a post later on this week with all my ins and out of the market! A sneaky photo though..... 

I also ate out on Saturday we went to this lovely place called Panama Hattys.

The foods so nice ...

Back to shopping ...

I popped into Selfridges as the beauty halls a little bigger in the Manchester store. And I no I said I wasn't going to buy any MAC however, my sister dragged me over and I fell in love with a new lipstick I'm going to do a review on it it was a cream sheen in brave it's lovely.
That lovely Zara scarf I wanted is sold out. I went into the Trafford Centre store and they only had the green version left and the Manchester store was also sold out.
I had a little cry and then thought I'd just order it online - its out of stock. So I signed up to the email which informs you when the items back in stock. I only had to wait till about 2 o clock and the email arrived saying it was in stock. I hate hate hate having to pay for delivery but I wanted it so much I gave in and paid it because I knew it would sell out a again asap. So the scarfs on the way and should be with me in 3-5 days.

I finished my last day at home with a lovely bath and tried out my new lush fairy wand before I watched strictly and headed to bed! 

All round I had a lovely few days back home but now it's time to go back to reality I'm back in work today and back in uni tomorrow! Currently eating yesterday's buy from the market: white chocolate marshmallow stick, a very nutritious breakfast.

I now feel in the Christmas spirit though! There's going to be a few posts this week explaining things of this quick round up in much more detail which I hope you all enjoy! There's going to be posts on my first nars purchase, new mac lipstick, the markets and the lush fairy wand. 

Enjoy your lazy Sunday :) 



Saturday Post: Maybelline Mollie Lipstick

After I long hard day shopping yesterday, I came home to a parcel and as I am not living at home anymore I get all parcels sent to my uni address so I was even more excited when it arrived.

I opened it to see a lovely looking lipstick.. I had won one of the limited edition Mollie King lipsticks for Maybelline. Well I'll let you into a secret I love the Saturdays. I love the music, there style everything about them the girls they always just look so effortless but gorgeous. So unfair!

I wanted this lipstick after I read an interview in a magazine with Mollie about her collaboration of this year with Maybelline and London Fashion Week. I thought the lipstick was to be sold nationwide but it wasn't and it was just a limited product. So I popped online and entered the competition and boom the lipstick arrives a few weeks later. I had completely forgot I had even entered the competition until it arrived. Now, I have the worst luck with competitions I never win them, I think this is only the second competition I've ever won in my life. So I was very excited that I had actually won something.

I have just checked on the Maybelline website to check they haven't rereleased the colour but they unfortunately haven't. The colours from the color sensational line and it called Fuchsia Flash (902). Its a really lovely bright pink and is definitely a stand out lipstick. Mollie is fair and blonde just like me so hopefully it will match my complexion just as well. I swatched it straight away and to me I automatically thought Barbie pink. Its a middle tone bright pink with a very creamy finish which feels nice and soft on the lips. I also noticed it tastes and smells a bit coconuty and just feels like you have a lip balm on. The packaging is so girly and it has Mollies signature on the front which gives the product real authenticity. Overall, a really lovely product at first glance.

Within the color sensation collection there's 23 other colours from reds to pinks to purples to nudes. The collection does have a wide range of colours and I am definitely going to pick a few more of these up. You can have a look for yourself here:

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Barry M Gelly Nail Paints

My favourite nail polishes to have been brought out this year are most definitely the Barry M - Gelly Nail Paints:
Barry M most definitely come on top for me in terms of the best range and value for money nail varnishes. I have been a massive Barry M nail varnish lover for years but when this range appeared on the high street - I was literally blown away. These nail varnishes make your nails actually look like you have been for a gel manicure! I don't actually own any high end nail varnishes, all of them are drugstore as I think brands offer such good value for money and have huge collections meaning there's plenty of colours to choose from.
Not to talk about value for money either, the nail varnishes are only £3.99 and at the moment there is 3 for 2 offer on at  both boots and superdrug on a wide range of cosmetics meaning they work out at just £2.66 per nail varnish which is an absolute bargain!
I currently own the colours: (from left to right)
 - Blueberry
 - Guava
 - Greenberry
 - Blood Orange

I have tried and tested these polishes many times and every time I have popped them on my nails it literally takes only one coat for a full finish and they last around 4-5 days before top ups are started to be needed.
There are 18 nail varnishes within the gelly collection creating a huge range for us beauty lovers to choose from! They have such a wide range and they have colours for every season and I've got my eye on dark green and blackberry for autumn and winter.
Here's a link so you can have a nosy at the entire range on offer:
Ciao for now!
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