Friday 15 November 2013

Saturday Post: Maybelline Mollie Lipstick

After I long hard day shopping yesterday, I came home to a parcel and as I am not living at home anymore I get all parcels sent to my uni address so I was even more excited when it arrived.

I opened it to see a lovely looking lipstick.. I had won one of the limited edition Mollie King lipsticks for Maybelline. Well I'll let you into a secret I love the Saturdays. I love the music, there style everything about them the girls they always just look so effortless but gorgeous. So unfair!

I wanted this lipstick after I read an interview in a magazine with Mollie about her collaboration of this year with Maybelline and London Fashion Week. I thought the lipstick was to be sold nationwide but it wasn't and it was just a limited product. So I popped online and entered the competition and boom the lipstick arrives a few weeks later. I had completely forgot I had even entered the competition until it arrived. Now, I have the worst luck with competitions I never win them, I think this is only the second competition I've ever won in my life. So I was very excited that I had actually won something.

I have just checked on the Maybelline website to check they haven't rereleased the colour but they unfortunately haven't. The colours from the color sensational line and it called Fuchsia Flash (902). Its a really lovely bright pink and is definitely a stand out lipstick. Mollie is fair and blonde just like me so hopefully it will match my complexion just as well. I swatched it straight away and to me I automatically thought Barbie pink. Its a middle tone bright pink with a very creamy finish which feels nice and soft on the lips. I also noticed it tastes and smells a bit coconuty and just feels like you have a lip balm on. The packaging is so girly and it has Mollies signature on the front which gives the product real authenticity. Overall, a really lovely product at first glance.

Within the color sensation collection there's 23 other colours from reds to pinks to purples to nudes. The collection does have a wide range of colours and I am definitely going to pick a few more of these up. You can have a look for yourself here:

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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