Friday 19 June 2015

Current Lipsticks in my Handbag

All girls will know that within your handbag you have those beauty products which are always rattling around in the bottom of your bag, and they are your go to, reliable products. Me personally I only carry around lip products as that is all I will ever reapply throughout the day. It is also what I forget to apply when I am doing my makeup, when I am rushing around trying to hurry before I have to leave the house. I thought that best thing to do for this post was to simply look at what is currently in my handbag.

First up, Charlotte Tilsbury Sexy Sienna , I go through phases of wearing this continuously and then placing it back in my collection and wearing it on the odd occasion. But recently it has made its way back into the depths of my bag.It is a beautiful coral shade which is completely different to any other lipsticks which are currently in my bag. This is a matte lipstick which does not dry the lips and stays put all day, which is exactly what you are wanting. These have become very popular within the beauty world, as they are highly pigmented and the range has a great colour variety, This is the most expensive lipstick in this post as they are £23, but they are definitely more of a treat purchase.

Maybelline Minimalist is part of the colour drama lip range, which is in a lip pencil form. I love how easy these apply and you require a lot less precision than with a regular lipstick. These are such good value at just £4.99, and I have been meaning to pick more of these up as there are a lot of other lovely colours within the range. What made my interested in this colour particularly was the nude undertone, which made me think that it would very wearable. This is exactly why it lies in the bottom of my handbag, as you can just grab it, easily apply it and your ready to go in an instance.

My newest addition to my handbag is MAC Please Me, I featured this in my recent Beauty Buys post. This is a beautiful everyday pink, it it not too bright and not too dark it is a perfect in between shade. I have wearing it on a regular basis and it is fast becoming a favourite of mine. The colour is very pigmented and adds a pop of colour to a everyday basic makeup. When I buy a new lipstick I always put it in my handbag as that way you get to trail it on a regular basis. Unless I am on a night out I really do not wear a bright lipstick and this is a perfect alternative.


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