Friday 4 September 2015

Italian Travels: Pasta and Pizza

Italian food it my absolute favourite, and there is nothing better than a good old Spaghetti Bolognese. Whilst on my recent holiday in Italy I did a post all about where we stayed in Lake Como, and must see places to visit which you can find here.

I thought I would do a dedicated post to the types of food which were available and just how delicious they really were. By the end of this post you will be licking your lips, and wanting to jump on a plane!


Pizza, pizza, pizza. The classic Italian dish and by gosh they don't do things by half. As you can tell by the photo they are pretty gigantic. The pizzas come on a thin base, with loads of toppings is exactly how I like it. They definitely do not do all the options as Domino's with all their different types of bases. They all come thin and crispy - delicious. The topping on this pizza was parma ham which tasted sensational.

Tagliatelle al funghi is a lovely pasta dish, containing Italian porcini mushrooms. The sauce is a creamy which goes really well alongside the mushrooms within the dish. I found this dish very filling and did not quite manage to finish it, but it is a great hearty pasta meal. The sauce is along the lines of a carbonara type sauce. My aim is to learn how to make this type of sauce, as I am presuming it is rather simple. I will report back if I have any success.

Just seeing the picture of this Cannelloni makes my mouth drool. After a rather long decisive process, I finally decided that this was my favourite meal of the entire trip. I cannot put my finger on the exact reason, but it was out of this world. But it definitely had something to do with the incredible meat and tomato sauce combination. Everything within the dish was cooked to perfection, and it all went together perfectly. I can say that three weeks after visiting this restaurant, I am still talking about this Cannelloni.

And finally my favourite, the bolognese. On this occasion I opted for the tagliatelle option, as I was trying to mix it up, as at this point I had probably already had at least five spaghetti bolognese's already! I just cannot get enough. It is all about the sauce, the tomato ragu is just the most tastiest sauce which exists, and it is truly a dish which I will never, ever get bored off. When I was younger and we would go on holiday to Italy I would have Spaghetti Bolognese for the entire 14 nights of the holiday, as nothing can ever top it. These days I have ventured out to different pastas, but it is always my go to dish, and always will be.

What is you favourite Italian food?

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